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    Hello after last week's debacle, I'm on route to bettering myself. I need help with going to the gym, I know that without it I'll never be happy with myself. So insteading investing in Porn, I'll be investing in my body. I keep researching but it's hard to find simple terms for weight gain I currently weigh 64kg I stand at 5 ft 10. I do need to gain some more weight which is happening slowly. I would like to go gym 3 days a week. Triceps/Chest, Legs/Shoulders and Back/Biceps/Forearms. I need help on form, and what things I should be eating. I really do want to turn my life around, I know it's not an overnight thing but I need a little help getting pointed in the right direction! Thank you
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    do you got a job or career that allows a decent gym budget ,i m under weight and i joined a state of the art fitness gym for only 55 a month, i have plans to hire one of their personal trainers, i well discuss my fitness goal i want to achieve and see how well they help me, it well be around 99.00 for each hour session but look at it this way ,they give package deals which lowers price an finance option, theres people out there fiance a nice ride at 400 a month just to look good in a audi or bmw so why not a personal trainer ,right
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    I was thinking of hiring a personal trainer for 2 weeks so I know what to do and what I would need. I thought I'd try the forums first or searching it up lol. I've just joined an average gym at 20 a month I think hiring a personal trainer is 40 per 1 hour session. All the best to you, I hope you see the results you want to see!
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    I am of similar size and had the same idea. I would pick up a weight every time I wanted to pmo. I would hold it until the urge failed. I told myself it would make me stronger. I developed better muscles but I had no self control. You gotta start as you can. Do it in your house and build up to go to a gym. Join a group of guys who want to get in shape. That helps a lot.

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