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    If you've read my posts regularly you probably notice some recurring theme. I think being consistent with a good habit is of benefit. For me, using the same way of dealing with physical urges or distractive thoughts about women turns out to work well.

    Since there are many thinking steps in my idea, including subconscious things, it is a challenge describing in words. That's also why in multiple posts it's described in a different way, and also because I have had different variations of the method. Because of all of that it's likely that quite some more of it will come.

    After all, it's of good practise to be consistent in a habit that benefits you, either for the habit itself, or for other purposes.

    The general idea I'm describing comes down to the following

    Having a suited moment when you don't have an urge or having started a session of distracting actions. And if possible at a place and time without much distracting noise.

    And then to think about the concept of having an urge or being in a pmo or fantasizing session, and just thinking what you could do about it at that moment. What is it that it eventually comes down to that makes it that hard to quit in that moment, and is it really that hard?

    See it for what it really is, there isn't something supernatural going on that you can't see or don't have any control over. It all comes down to the state of the mind at that moment, and it's not unhealthy to break out of it despite feeling very stressful.

    And then, as a result of realizing all of that, imagine yourself breaking out of that difficult to quit action.

    While only imagining it indeed doesn't make you suddenly able to do so when it happens, it will give more clarity about what it actually is that you're struggling with, providing more confidence for the moment itself.
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