Habits I should Cultivate?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by TheLoneWoolf, Mar 8, 2018.

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    Okay I don't have school now. I'm basically free all day.. I spend some time studying. I do workout or meditate in the morning. I play football in the evenings. I read books(Not a heavy reader), I'm doing an online programming course, I do go out sometimes.. Still I have a lot of time left .. especially at noon, Temperature here goes as high as +36 degree so going out at noon isn't a good option.

    I want suggestions to cultivate habits that make my life more productive.Btw, I'm 19 yo. Help?
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  2. Okay, I feel free to give my 2cts, for me this is a huge one, alongside with nofap: you could check out some stuff about the vegan lifestyle on youtube, and learn to cook the most delicious vegan meals. For many people that would be a big challenge. In honesty, i believe its best for the animals (ofc), for environment, and definitely also for the person (super healthy)
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    Maybe become a heavier reader. Outside (not at noon) you could walk, dance, do horticulture, photography, get a part time job, volunteer. Inside you can read, learn a language, work on your programming.
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  4. I think you should start learning to play an instrument, it might even help you in your reboot.
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  5. This is great advice.

    I’d add to this learn a new language.
    And build something. Furniture, robot, car, inter dimensional portal.
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    It really depends on what you enjoy doing. I've always enjoyed creating and working on roleplaying forums, it's highly productive and you build a community at the same time. Something community based is always good. Do you want to do something more with your hands ? There's usually local shared gardens in most places where you can rent space, from the weather it seems like you in a tropical climate and that would be great for trying out some small-scale farming, highly productive and one of possible ways to solve food issues with humanity. Personally I always enjoyed listening to music but never making music (tried flute and guitar in school, didn't like either). It always comes down to what you enjoy.
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    Thanks. I never thought about it..

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