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Had a close call

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by AssistantRegionalManager, Aug 25, 2020.

  1. Just had a super close call and bad urges I was able to stop.

    I was on a Facebook group for pro-wrestling and people were talking about this woman and I had all these thoughts raving through my head about how I wanted to see some porn of women who looked like her.

    I went to my browser and typed the name of the website in and hit enter. It came up in the search results but I was able to stop myself from going to the website and I didn't see any images.

    Phew, close one
  2. redcedar

    redcedar Fapstronaut

    Way to go!! Keep it up! Remember that YOU control what choices you make!
  3. Yep, exactly. I have to remember that I am actually in control of what I do.
  4. Hardwork11

    Hardwork11 Fapstronaut

    having extreme urges.i will sleep it off.

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