Had an amazingly hot girlfriend but still didn't stop.

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    So I had an amazingly hot girlfriend and we had sex like 10 times a day pretty much every day but I still went back to porn. I usually went back to it when we had break ups and would excuse my behavior but I never told her. The frequency of my usage has gone down a lot but I still go back it. I start getting the urges around the 20 day mark and I cave in. if my girlfriend was around it was easier and she helped me achieve my longest streak but I destroyed my relationship and I went back to it and now I have 5 days, 5 fucking days. Why am I not able to stop. I just cave in each time. I find threads saying how porn isn't bad for you and try to justify myself and later end up regretting it.
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    For me, the answer was this. I am and adult and I can choose what I put in my body.

    I choose not to use tobacco.

    I choose not to use alcohol.

    I choose not to use porn.

    Why? Because I don't need them and they harm me.

    I also choose not to drive a nail thru my foot on purpose. Why? Because it would harm me.

    If you are an adult and you have the ability to decide what is good and bad for you? Why would you decide to put something in your brain that hurts you?
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