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    And it was awful!

    Last Thursday it happened and I felt down for a good 4 days after. This girl who I'm not really into really likes me so I just went along with it (as you do) due to being at like 2 weeks no PMO I thought I was horny. I've actually been in flatline since I began 18 days ago and also stopped smoking weed on the same day. This is my first attempt so my longest streak so I figured I must have wanted sex, the girl is not ugly, not a stunner, nice curvy body but not fat.

    We were both laying naked on her bed and she was giving me oral. It felt ok but I was not getting hard, I started to touch and feel her body but still nothing. I felt like I was outside my body just watching what was happening thinking wtf are you doing?

    She has a mirror on her wardrobe and I was using it to have a look at her behind which is very nice, but still nothing! She told me to relax, I tried to get in the moment, the sounds of it turned me on more than the actual feelings.

    Anyway after a good 5 maybe 7 mins of this it started to feel good and I was getting hard... Yay!

    Nay! I got a bit harder and about 30 seconds later I orgasmed the least fulfilling orgasm I've ever had haha. I felt like shit immediately. This has happened once before, and I'm thinking it was some kind of PIED?

    After that though I stayed pretty hard and round 2 was just like normal sex I've had.

    But my question is, has this happened to anyone before and is it porn related? What I mean is has anyone struggled getting hard, only to finally get hard and cum very soon after. It was not a rock solid erection and for 2 weeks no PMO the orgasm was not very intense and there was not much semen ejaculated. I expected to be super responsive and cum like a volcano but it was weird and very anticlimactic. After we had sex with a condom and I last usual time so I'm not totally convinced I have ED.

    Anyway, I'm going to hit 30 days and go to 90 in hard mode incase it is PIED. I tried to be as matter of fact and non graphic as possible here as not to trigger anyone.

    Look forward to the replies and thanks in advance.
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    Should post this in general nofap. Anyway, yes this has happened to me but I was still PMO at the time. This had a affect during it and i am circumcised. I could barely get hard during the first time or even achieve orgasm. The second was the same I had to please myself to achieve O. I did not have a great connection with her it was just a Buddy type thing that my friends girlfriends sister came down. I want a emotional/spiritual connection with a Woman. I hope to reset ME, MYSELF and I in order to have control.
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    Well you can't just have sex with anyone....
    This happened to my bf a little before I found out about his porn stuff. It's been almost two years since he quit and he's never had PIED again.
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    I've felt like this but always been able to be hard. I've had the feeling of being out looking in. I chalked it up to being trying to look at my own sex life comparing it to porn. The angles weren't as appealing and the sensation didn't feel like I imagine it to feel like for the guys in the videos. IMO It's like seeing something you're not overly fond of so you skip to the next video. That's still the case now. I just am trying to really focus on what is happening now. I try to get into it and talk myself up like "this is amazing!"

    Fake it til' you make it bro. Good luck!

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