Hair growing back?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by jetcat, May 28, 2020.

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    As many other men I also suffered from hairloss. But after Like 50 days of NoFap I started seeing some white thin hair growing back on plače they were before. (as you can see in picture down below). What do you think? Im 25.
    Have some of you similar experience?

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  2. Master Chips

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    This is a good news man!
    I read similar stories and articles spoke about the recovery of hair. Keep going :)
  3. jetcat

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    That's good to hear.. thank you :)
  4. Stragler

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    I’ve had the same experience around day 50. I’ve also been applying Argon Oil and retinol to stimulate blood flow once or twice a week. Cut out shampoo as well since it was drying out my scalp. I haven’t shampooed for 3 months now and my hair looks better then ever. It was really oily the first 3 weeks but then improved drastically. I’ve only M’d once in the last 105 days so that’s helping out as well.

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