Hairfall at an early age!

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  1. Black ∆ Fang

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    Sorry if you found this topic dramatic but it's an issue that is concerning me alot.

    Anyone who is facing Hairfall at an early age? I'm 19 right now and do I'm losing hair alot. Im even scared of washing my hair bcoz it just hurts to see so much hair in your hands.

    There's one thing I've definitely noticed. Before NoFap, my hair was strong and dense, but after my streak it's thinning, it comes off in a slightest pull.

    Any kind hearted person who will throw some Light on this?

    I'm eating healthy and junk food consumption has dropped down alot. I'm on my 2 month streak.
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  2. Well in summen hair falls because hot, as long as the root of the hair isnt with the fallen hair it will grow back
  3. Black ∆ Fang

    Black ∆ Fang Fapstronaut

    No my friend! The roots are with the fallen hair!
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  4. Fenix Rising

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    The same started happening to me when I was your age. Please see dermatologist. The most common reason is alopecia androgenica, but doc will tell you if it is.
    If it is alopecia androgenica there are some drugs you could take, the most well known are Finasteride and Minoxidil but you'll have to chose if you want to use it or not. I took Finasteride for a year, but it has severe side effects for me (no semen in fluid) so I stoped and accepted the faith. But some men respond good to the treatment (no side effect) so go to the dermatologist, he'll give you best advice. I know it's FU be be losing hair so young, I still care and I'm twice your age but even if you can't sort it out, don't let this shater your self-esteem. I'm pretty much bald by now and women still like me. If you take care of your body and work on your self-esteem you'll be a chic magnet with or without hair.
  5. Unexist

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    I begun to lose hair around 25 years old when I was a fervent porn addict. It's genetic, you can't do anything. Don't take pills. I use Nizoral shampoo to slow the effect and it work.
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  6. Carefull with those fake "hair magic regrowing" products that are a pile of bollocs, so does the "anti age magic cream"
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  7. I used to find hair on my mattress all of the time when I was still masturbating daily or weekly. The truth is, ejaculation will cause or speed up going bald. Your body simply won't have the nutrients left to care about your hair. Same with stress. If your nutrition is going to your organs and coping you can expect to lose hair.
    Since nofap I hardly find hairs anymore, but masturbating for years caused malnutrition so bad I lost some of my hairline as well. Your only possible option is to abstain for a really, really good amount of time. Not weeks, rather months and years, and to solve any malnutrition you may have. Some important nutrients for your hair include vitamin B12 and zinc. It just so happens that masturbation will rapidly decrease your stores of both of these. Also you want to sweat a lot and get as much sun as you possibly can.
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  8. Mistersofty

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    Could be telogen effluvium. Go to the derm and they can determine the type of hair loss. If it's receding and thinning in a pattern than it's likely that it's genetic. If it's falling out everywhere with the root attached it's likely stress related. Remember that we all shed 100-150 hairs a day even when we aren't going bald.
  9. Black ∆ Fang

    Black ∆ Fang Fapstronaut

    Thanks for this Post bro. That gave me some relief.
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  10. StonePlacidity

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  11. Black ∆ Fang

    Black ∆ Fang Fapstronaut

    On the contrary nofap resulted this. Wasn't facing anything before NoFap.
  12. Hello Friend

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    Here are the things that helped me stop my hair loss:
    1-NoFap definitely works for me.
    3-Instead of using shampoo, I use a traditional soap for my hair which doesn't have chemical materials.
    4-cold showers.
    5-Using caster oil+olive/coconut oil before shower for like 2 hours (2 times a week).
    6-Massaging my scalp with a wooden hair brush in the morning and evening for 5 minutes.
    7-drinking enough water and not eating fast food.
    And don't worry about it.. these things really worked for me.
  13. Defytheodds

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    hello there , i lived the situation as yours ! at the age of 19-20 my hair started to fall , it was a crucial moment of my life , I just started college and girls liked my hair at the time and losing it meant i had no chance , my self-esteem dropped even girls that liked me i wouldn't give them a chance cause i felt like I wasn't enough (i used to hid my hair with a hat) , it made me really sad and depressed ,i saw dermatologists telling me the same reasons and prescribing the same treatments , i thought about having a hair-transplant , i used minoxidil but it wasn't the solution as the hair falls back when you stop using it .So i accept my faith;
    I'm now 25 y.o i shave my head and grow a beard, been bald teaches lots of thinks, how looks can affect people behavior, they respect you, maybe intimidated by you, or don't like you .. you can't please everybody , but you'll definitely find great people that will like you for who you are, appreciate your looks and enjoy your company.
    The advice i can give you, if you look good with a shaved head and can grow a beard (not necessary) go for it, otherwise nowadays hair-transplants can be found for a cheap price but inform yourself on everything related to it to guarantee 100% clean and successful surgery , more to that work on yourself, body and brain, hair is accessory , your shape and knowledge is what attracts people . i wish someone could tell me this before, so i wouldn't be mad at myself in the past but its life so take care and enjoy life!
    sorry for the long post!
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  14. dipesh singh1

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    Hey this problem is also occur to me currently I am 18 yr old before 2 months when I was losing my hair in bunch of hand but after doing NoFap there is no loss of hair even hairline coming and hair thicking also started,.. So my advice to u that do NoFap and dont masturbute as I have friend who is just 19 and become bald so no porn no masturbation if u really care about your hair
  15. Masturbating can accelerate the aging and balding process for men. I lose hair all the time after I masturbate. Your losing nutrients when you masturbate.

    Stay away from porn and masturbation as much as possible.
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  16. SaiyanWarrior

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    Rogaine definitely helped and biotin caps. But might not work for everyone though. Read online about it and do some research. No pmo, and staying away from junk food will also help and yes massage your hair every 2 or 3 days.
  17. Hello Friend

    Hello Friend Fapstronaut

    For everyone who's struggling with hair loss:
    It's all about scalp massage. It takes time but works!
    Don't forget to take a blood test to see if your hair loss is due to the lack of vitamins or vitamin D, or even iron, zinc..these things are necessary for hair growth.

    Check before and after photos down here:

    How and when to do it:

    Tutorial video:

    Hopefully, it will work for you too ;)
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  18. dank123

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    Don't listen to the people saying it doesn't affect hair loss, copying and pasting shit they read on mainstream websites, it affects hair a lot, if you're sensitive to this it will make it fall way faster, I lost tons of hair due to PMO and had massive regrowth from abstaining, if you notice hair loss after/during PMO it means you have a sensitive scalp to DHT, prolactase and of course zinc that is one of the main supplements for hair growth, and one of the main ingredients in producing semen.

    My hair was way better a few weeks ago, I started PMOing everyday 3 weeks ago and I already lost a lot of hair again, I'm going to try nofap harder now precisely to grow hair, not just that, my whole life is kinda fucked up rn, not only due to PMO but also because of it.
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  19. dank123

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    Exactly, zero experience, zero thinking for yourself, just the same BS we hear everywhere, "no correlation", PMO increases DHT, makes you expel zinc (one of the main components in hair production and semen production) makes you produce prolactase that creates inflammation, and people think there's no correlation, I'm amazed at this lack of thinking but here you are, throwing up the same shit you heard from "a doctor", you didn't need to pay for a doctor to repeat this nonsense, just read mainstream sites that sell finasteride and minoxidil and you would have the same false information you're regurgitating here. Its fact hair loss is influenced by masturbation, overmasturbation, but big pharma needs to deny this correlation so your only choice will be buying their drugs, the same with ivermectin and HCQ with zinc, they deny it works even though it does so they can sell their jabs, 20 bucks a pop. Think for yourself, question everything, have a nice night.

    P.S. If after reading my comment you're still gonna repeat your wrong info, just read on the mechanism of Finasteride, of hair loss, DHT, Zinc, Prolactase, and you will realize you are wrong.
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  20. FirefromAbove

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    If this was the case. I'd be bald right now.
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