half my life wasted - tired of this addiction

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    I have struggled with this addiction since my twenties and now in my forties and have come to realize what this addiction has cost me over half my life from Depression, anxiety, damaging relationships with my wife, my family and friends, my physical health and work over the years.

    I have gone through counseling, SLAA and worked 12 step programs but still failing with my addiction with Porn. I am looking forward with engaging with the NoFap forum as I have found the information provided very helpful and associate my experiences with this addiction to this information.

    I am starting a 90 challenge but going to take one month at a time. I have struggled to stay sober for longer that 2 weeks and going to try a full hard mode. I look forward to engaging with this forum to help me with this challenge one day at a time.
  2. Hi GCRFC,

    I just registered for the forum because I'm starting out as well, albeit from another point in life.

    I admire your ability to realize the influence that porn has had on your life - and I admire your decision to take action against that. It sounds like you've got a long, but very worthwhile way to go, and like you said - every day of this challenge will be worth the effort, no matter the amount of relapses. So, one day at a time it is :)

    You say that your porn addiction has cost you over half of your life - I would like to say, although you likely are aware of it, that this time of your life has not been wasted if it has lead you to the decision you are making now, if it has given you friends and a relationship worth fighting for and if it has provided you with immensely useful knowledge and strategies through counseling. Those things are not simply lost or worthless when measured against the grief that porn has caused you and your close ones - they are the very things that let you know there are things in life more worthwhile than porn consumption, and they are the things that you, after all this time, hopefully can still look back on with joy, even if it's just a few memories that stand out.

    With that said, I want to wish you best of luck with the challenge you're undertaking! You still have so much time to turn around, and the goals that you are approaching are so worth the effort and time this process is going to require from you.

    Kind regards, PotentialJukebox
  3. GCRFC

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    hi @PotentialJukebox ,

    thanks for response, it definitely brought a tear to my eye on this.

    I know I have alot to be grateful in my life and I am grateful that I found NoFAP and using this forum right now to reach out for help.

    best of luck in your recovery
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    Welcome to the forum and keep strong in the path, don't matter what happens!
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    Nice honest post @GCRFC . I, too, went to SLAA and therapists. I was eventually able to leave P behind. The key is persistence. No matter how many times you fall, you get right back up and try again. Also, you learn from your mistakes and you change your behavior accordingly. What are your triggers and what are you doing about them. You must replace PMO with a healthy alternative. What are you using PMO to escape from?

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