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    I'm halfway through my reboot process. I've started to appreciate some benefits: more confidence, less social anxiety, more attracted to women and willing to talk to them.
    I get morning woods and I'm particularly horny but I've managed to keep the urges muted.

    This is my first streak, I've discovered nofap because I want to get rid of my delay ejaculation. In these almost 45 days I sometimes peeked at my favorite softcore site (just women masturbating), but it's been just 3/4 times and I'll try not to do that again.
    Over the past 16 days (I'm 31 now) I've wasted my life masturbating at least once a day on average for even 1/2 hours, sometimes the entire afternoon. Most of the time I was just excited and felt pleasure in doing so: I escaped reality through this act abusing myself. I'm not addicted to porn even though I watched my fair amount of it, but to the mere act of fapping and orgasming. I used to do it till I was exhausted, some years ago, even 5/6 times a day. I've understood that some damaging things are edging (I used to do that for hours as I said) and also masturbating when your penis is not erected. I think I was on the verge of getting PIED as well but my DE was pretty serious (never came from a PIV sexual intercourse).

    Do you think I can get rid off my DE banning fap for good? I think 90 is a milestone but I need to keep going without fapping as it has destoyed my life.
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    welcome :)
    I am pretty sure it can help. How do you notice that DE symptoms - are you in a commited relationship? And you probably mean the last 16 years, not days, if not you would not be here ;)
    Good luck on your journey
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    Thank you for answering me! It's really great to be part of this community and I'm persuaded we're hleping each other a lot not just to overcome an addiction but to be the best version of ourselves.
    yes, 16 years, sorry for my mistake :)
    I unconsciously discovered sexuality very early...as I began masturbating prone like a kind of dry humping on hard surfaces such as tables or chairs. It gave me pleasure. The first time I ejaculated It was exactly doing this, therefore since I was 11/12 to 16 that was the way I masturbated most frequently, then I added the "standard" hand stimulation. I fear to have damaged something in an irreparable way :( because even though I can get erections, I never came into a woman. Yes, I'm in a relationship but for work reasons we are apart for other 3/4 months. She'll visit me in a few weeks and thanks to my nofap streak, I hope to ejaculate during a PIV sexual intercourse for the first time in my life. I'm afraid of having death grip and I honestly don't know what time needs to pass before I can get rid off DE

    There is another thing: I've never had a wet dream in my entire life and even after 44 days without orgasm tomorrow, I haven't got any so far.

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