Hard Flaccid Shrinkage (Useful Info) TRIGGERS!!

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    Disclaimer: I am NOT a doctor, not do I claim to be. Any techniques, stretches and exercises mentioned and or recommended are meant to be tried at your own risk. Please, don't be a dumba**.

    So for my whole nofap journey and even before then I've been dealing with hard flaccid shrinkage. My actual erect size is a bit under 7 1/2in. and my flaccid size is around 4in. Before hand I noticed when is run, or workout(mainly abdominal) my dick would contract and shrink to about two inches. I figured it was just a part of my PIED and that it would heal on its own, so I waited. Well recently I've seen great spikes in my libido as well as my confidence yet when I would do anything strenuous or even get anxious I found myself suffering the same problem.

    This led me to search the internet for clues as to why this was persisting and found an interesting article which will be linked at the bottom but basically the dude said it's because the muscles responsible for hard erections were constantly contracting. This is due to clenching the glutes when masturbating he claims and furthermore shares ways he found helpful for fixing this problem. Yoga.

    He basically said the only way to get better is to stretch those muscles making them more flexible and in turn stronger and proceeded to share a link to yoga poses he felt were the best. Well as a person who had never done yoga, though I was very willing to try this new remedy, i was very inexperienced with the poses so I chose two easy ones and did those for three mins each after my workout. From my personal experience (mind you this is my first day doing it) I definitely feel a difference. Ever since I finished the poses my dick feels a lot less tense and I haven't experienced and symptoms from before. Of course I will continue to do these poses to get the full benefits but just from the first session, for lack of better term, I feel a lot more limber and during these poses I noticed the area on the diagram were really tight. Maybe you guys could try it, or someone who does yoga can actually explain how it works.

    If you are religious, these poses are meant to worship different God's in a few different eastern religions (Buddhism, Taoism, etc.) I myself am Christian so as I do the poses I meditate on God. Just friendly info for anyone who needs it.

    Thanks and I hope you all get better!

    Post explaininghard flaccid problems and causes: http://www.yourbrainrebalanced.com/forum/threads/hard-flaccid-info-and-discussion.31824/

    Yoga poses and videos (try at your own risk): https://www.pegym.com/forums/premat...lvic-floor-stretching-relax-your-muscles.html
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    Nov 2, 2017 Update:

    I've been doing a variation of these yoga routines pretty faithfully only missing 2-3 days and I must say I'm pretty happy with the results.

    As stated before during activity my penis would shrink to 2in(including running, abdominal toning, and calisthenics and even walking). After doing the hip openers for a while my pelvic region went from being uncomfortable in those positions to slightly less uncomfortable to not as uncomfortable and when I do these stretches for 30mins to an hour my hips and the frontal part of my pelvis (naval to inner thigh up where leg and scrotum meet) feels a lot looser. Coherently when I'm done my member hangs down to 3 1/2in and stays that way for a bit.

    It's gotten to the point where if I'm just chilling, not really doing anything strenuous I'll naturally get good blood flow and therefore naturally hang. This has helped me with my anxiety A LOT and I feel loads more confident. My penis still shrinks if I do ab workouts and push ups, but not as much anymore though it still gets firm.

    If you experience this problem to I advise looking into pelvic floor dysfunction(PFD). And if you have gone through this and have found differing results please share. I'm always happy to hear new information that could better myself and others. Have a great day guys!
  3. Hey @Bullarrd
    Nice info my friend. Did you erection strength also improved with yoga poses? What all yoga poses you are doing to get it better?

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    Yes @varun chopra, my erections have actually been a lot stronger. When I'd get erections before yoga, the were pretty rigid but they definitely lacked, especially around my base. Not to mention I'd have random pelvic spasms. Since I've been doing yoga I've relapsed a few times, but each timeI experienced less spasms, stronger erections and a more full feeling in my base near my suspensory ligament.

    i do the following videos at least once a day, taking about thirty minutes to do so in a comfortable manner.

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    You should put a trigger warning in the title for people with foot fetish tbh
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    Yo man! How is everything coming with the HF
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    I can see this thread isn't active anymore, but I have almost the exact same story. I'm 160 days into a reboot for PIED and I suspect I have some pelvic issues. I'm 7.5 inches erect but exercise makes it shrink and feel cold and tight

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