Hard Mode Complete but what next?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by _Prof_X, Feb 12, 2016.

  1. _Prof_X

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    I'm proud to say I've completed my 1 year hard mode challenge! It's been one hell of a ride but I'm kinda at a loss as to what to do next. All this time and I never really thought about what I'd do aftwards.

    I could start over or just see how long this'll go. I've really got no interest in watching p anymore but I am single so m&o might be an option now but I'm reluctant to go back to that even.

    Since giving up PMO, my lust levels sometimes shoot through the roof which caused problems but nothing that I can't handle. I feel free from it all but with that freedom I'm not sure what's the best way to handle it. It seems like a strange problem to have but anyone got any tips on how to move foward after victory?
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  2. congratulations...wow what an accomplishment my friend!!! Can you list the benefits, if any, that you think you got from this? Any physical, mental or spiritual, or even professional/financial/social?
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  3. skylar_legit

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    wow...im goin' for 1 year hard mode too..! great work bro..
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  4. spiritual warrior

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    don't be complacent. It's easy to revert to dumb habits. There will always be challenges to overcome. Find what you want to accomplish. Get married. Or whatever, just keep improving.

    2 cents.
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  5. RJ_McReady

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    I had the same thing man, after 90+ days, then what? I think staying away from porn is a great idea, theres nothing good that comes from it. As for MO.........I think you've done something most people wont do, and thats pretty amazing in itself. Just keep her rolling dude. Dont think long term, that'll just scare you, take every day as it comes. Use your sexual energy for sex with real women, not wasting it on things you see over the interweb or whatever. You dont have a girlfriend right now, thats fine, all you can do is live your life, like really be authentic and follow your inner voice. I think if you do that you cant go wrong. The devil makes work for idle hands and if you allow yourself to become lost and dont follow your heart, then you'll look for distractions, which is trouble.
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  6. _Prof_X

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    Thank you! Umm mostly the benefits are mental. I no longer feel the weight of the shame and frustration towards myself. It's such a big weight off my shoulders. I didnt have any problems professionally, financially, or socially when I was still watching P.
  7. Ankur Sharma

    Ankur Sharma Guest

    you are such an inspiration. Just go on with your life without P and leave everything to God. He will handle.
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  8. Buzz Lightyear

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    Unless you are made of monk material, you should be directing your sexual energy towards woman. Simples.
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  9. cud

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    Thats very well said. Do what your inner voice is telling you. You have only one life and you should risk and go after what you want. If you don´t know what you want from life, have a desire to find it and don´t be afraid of anything on this world!!! We have nothing to loose, only gain!!! 1 year is great man. I guess you must have had only a bad time to write this that you dont what to do. Use that drive you have inside of you and go and fuck the world (you know what i mean..).
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  10. _Prof_X

    _Prof_X Fapstronaut

    Congrats on your progress and thank you! You're dead right about not being idle. I've got goals and dreams still to accomplish, so I'll focus all my energy to that. No need to put myself in a position to fall back to the old me.
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  11. _Prof_X

    _Prof_X Fapstronaut

    Haha fair enough, my friend.
  12. _Prof_X

    _Prof_X Fapstronaut

    Haha I'll do just that man. Thank you.
  13. NoneForMeThanks

    NoneForMeThanks Fapstronaut

    Dude, I just got my one year as well. Heres how I reccommend moving on after "vicotry"

    1) Stay humble. Dont get cocky about this "victory". Dont let it get to your head, and keep your guard up.
    2) Keep an eye on that MO scene. I did that after my first reboot, lead to PMO relapse eventually. Dont trade one addiction for another. Because the MO will become PMO before you know it.
    3) Seriously dont even entertain the thought about PMO dude. I dont care if you dont have a girlfriend or if you dont have a life or anything. Get that filth out of here. You know better than to think like that
    4) Set some goals, and fucking go for them!!! This monster is not holding you back anymore. Go out and conquer!!!

    Best of luck to you. Keep your head on your shoulders.

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  14. Bigballs

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  15. Bigballs

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    You should get a gf
  16. Mankrik

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    Congratulations! I am in a similar situation, I surpassed my 90 day goal a few weeks ago but still have yet to relapse. Its all up to you, but personally my plan is to keep abstaining from PMO with the exception of real sex only for life. I have conquered my sexual urges and addiction my next step is to find a loving partner and form a connection deeper than mating sex. I will be patient, and continue general self betterment, but my final goal is to find a significant other that is really the only thing missing from my life.
  17. Joe peasci

    Joe peasci Fapstronaut

    U kinda downplay this nofap thing with ur tone like its like losing 10 lbs and that worries me, are there no benefits? Did u alreafy have confidence before this?
  18. BuddhaPunkRobotMonk

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    Live your life. :) Use the momentum of your reboot to springboard your other endeavors. Start chasing your dreams.
  19. Sans

    Sans New Fapstronaut

    Well, u can integrate the nofap to your current lifestyle and forget the counter so you wont feel like you have to achieve more streaks because its already become your way of life. And u can start pursue any aspects of your life like your career, dating or whatever to improve your life.
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  20. SnowWhite

    SnowWhite Fapstronaut

    how about setting up a business, and/or founding a family?

    what are your dreams and goals?

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