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    hey everyone, first post on here.
    I discovered nofap late this Jan coming out of a faithful 10-year LTR in Dec. I moved long distance & with covid and strong lack of rebound desire, I landed on hardmode.

    Tried w/ MO relapse 3-4 times lasting a week or 2 at a time. Finally, was able to hold and made it 56 days on hard mode. Since Feb I've lost 30 pounds, working out every dayish, diet overhauled, started learning piano, better at school & work, high quality interactions with all people, men & women. Truly remarkable personal growth IMO for the short timeline. I made a genuine connection over the last month and finally slept with her... 2nd partner in 10 years.

    I wanted to share this experience in the hope to encourage others in their own journey while also seeking wisdom and caution from the more experienced ... in hope for tips on how to have an active and healthy sex life while continuing to learn how to practice retention & transmutation.
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    I've not tried hard-mode, but I imagine that your biggest additional problem in swapping from hard mode (no P, no M, and no O) to normal mode (no P and no M) will be the chaser effect. But I have found that the old adage "forewarned is forearmed" holds true; if you know that the day after sex will be difficult then you can be mindful about deploying all the techniques that work for you.

    BTW, 56 Days is great and it is very close to the 90 day mark that so many here aim for. I wonder if it is worth holding out for 90 days hard mode and then swapping modes.
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