Hardest Part of Nofap?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by chiloob, Oct 3, 2014.

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    Hey guys,

    I'm sure as to what you feel is the most difficult part of the reboot process. I bet for a lot o people it's not fapping, but there are definitely other things that people struggle with more.

    Personally, I don't see no fapping as an issue. It's not that I don't get urges sometimes I just know I won't act on them.

    My greatest challenge comes from the games my mind plays on me. The thought that engulfs my mind almost every day is ,"Will this actually make me better? Is it working?" It's a scary thought, to think that you found the solution only to find it did not heal you.

    Even though I'm almost positive that this is my issue, there's still a part of me that remains skeptical and it eats at me.
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    I like to think of it as two entities fighting for your power inside your head. On the one hand you have the abstinence and NoFap entity, who helps you see the big picture and wants you to eradicate PMO, but on the other hand, there is PMO, which tries to make you lose sight of why you started this in the first place, and PMO tries to place doubts inside your head, like you said, "Will this actually make me better? Is it working?". Don't lose sight of your initial inspiration. You need to kill of PMO for good.
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    The withdrawals
  4. ADC

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    "Personally, I don't see no fapping as an issue. It's not that I don't get urges sometimes I just know I won't act on them. "
    25 Days since I last PMO'd

    Not making fun of you but just a tip : be careful. You might go through some really really hard days soon. :)

    Let's come back to the original topic : I'm the opposite of you. I find it hard to fight urges sometimes, but I don't give a damn about what Nofap is going to change. In fact, I know it won't change that much things in me. More info here :
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  5. The hardest part is not relapsing hehehe. No seriously for me, the hardest part is not to trigger myself. I love being aroused, I love triggers, I love porn and I love orgasms. I often find myself unconsciously remembering ALL the best porn scenes I've ever seen. I watch clips on Youtube and in a broad way seem to adore to sexually torture myself, duh.

    Also, good for you for not having this, but periods are NASTYYYYY. Take your strongest urge. Multiply it x50. Add excruciating pain in all your kidneys, belly and genitals area. Add horrible mood swings and a general feeling that life is not worthy, that you want to stay forever in bed and that you want to die in an orgasm while gorging on sugar and processed fat right here right now because God it's way too unbearable. Then you might have an idea of how periods look for me.

    About "is it working", the answer is: YOU DECIDE. It's TOTALLY up to you to believe or not it changes anything. For me, it "worked", because since the beginning I am CONVINCING myself that it's what changed my life. Because of all the decisions it made me take. But if you decide it won't change anything, perfect for you! It won't change anything! And if you don't care, then same! It's what beautiful with this addiction. It's in the mind, so you can control it.

    Congratulations though, 25 days is nice :D
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  6. IWantABetterLife22

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    Congrats on the 25 days chiloob. For me, the hardest part is being on guard not just all day no matter what you're doing, but everyday. Sometimes you're hit by urges, somedays you're not, somedays you might be feeling down, some days you might be on top of the world, some days you might be sick...but no matter what happens you need to constantly be on guard against urges, triggers, and all that jazz, every single day.
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