Hardmode is easier when you are seeing someone.

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Di.Do.555, May 21, 2020.

  1. Di.Do.555

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    i am on hardmode day 41.
    Since joining a dating site i had 3 dates in one week.( 3 different women)
    I am not having the urge to have sex yet as i am flatlining and since i joined the site, i stopped counting days and completely lost any desire of relapsing.
    We hug, we kiss , we go skin on skin and it feels amazing.
    The best part is that i feel deeply connected to one of them so i may end up choosing her.
  2. p1n1983

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    Is easy to do nofap easyMode if you are dating. Hardmode is harder because in some point both of you are going to want to have sex and not only you will have to suffer the porn urge now you also has to avoid the urge to have sex while you.. "We hug, we kiss , we go skin on skin".
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  3. millz5231

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    I was on hard mode, I had sex and had bad chase effect for a day but I agree. The whole experience is better. I don't count any more because it causes too much anxiety. The counter will be there.. It's hard enough dealing with NoFap on it's own
  4. Hey man. I've decided to do no porn and no masturbation only. I feel like hardmode isn't necessary at this point. I'm 6 days clean. I plan to either have sex this week or next week to see how much my sensitivity has returned. I have experienced the chaser effect in the past but only while I was still masturbating regularly. I'm hoping not to experience any chaser effect and gradually rewire my brain with no porn, no masturbation and only orgasms from intercourse. Is there anyone on the site that has tried this with success?
  5. Holster-2020

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    Right now I'm doing what you're doing and I've had success, I'm at almost 30 days clean from both. Sensitivity has gotten way better and I'm more focused. The chaser effect has happened occasionally but you just have to work through it. There is no easy way to break an addiction, it takes alot of time and effort. But so far no porn, no masturbation, and only orgasming from intercourse has worked for me.
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