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  1. hey all!

    So i didnt even know about the “NoFap” forums until 12 days into my hardmore no PMO reboot. Let me tell you why i decided to do this.

    I am 23 years old and im still technically a virgin. For years i used to watch porn and masturbate almost everyday(sometimes multiple times a day) it was so bad that somedays i couldnt sleep without masturbating so i would feel tired. I new it was a problem but i never thought that it would affect my social life as well because i didnt have a girlfriend then. But now, i have been dating a girl for some months now, and 12 days ago was my first “night” with her.

    For someone like me who has fantasized about this monent for years it was a HUGE moment. All those years of dreaming and it was about to become reality. We started fooling around and everything was going well untill i realized i couldnt get hard enough to pentrate her? I had the condom on but my dick was just not hard enough for me to be inside of her? But fortunately the night didn't get worse and we did some other things and ended up cuddling. (She doesnt know anything about my situation and im still trying to make up excuses of not wanting to spend the night with her, because what if she tries to have sex again? And i dont get hard again?)

    I started over thinking that day like usual and came to the conclusion that excesive masturbation and porn is the reason for the ED so without delay i stopped all of them. And after a night like that my self esteem was so shot that i didnt even feel the desire to touch my dick anymore. All i could think about was how horribly bad that night was.
    Now, it has been 12 days since i have stopped and the only difference i feel is that i am feeling “sexless”...? I dont know how to explain it? I feel like my dick is not working anymore. A loss of libido? I usually get hardons in the morning but these days theyre not that hard anymore. Its like my dick gave up after that night? I read somewhere online that this is natural and my feelings will return in 6-8 weeks but i dont have that much time?? I cant keep avoiding my girlfriend for 8 weeks? Im not sure what to do?

    The reboot however is going quite well. I dont feel uncontrollable urges or desires. When i do i just start playing some video games to distract my mind. Which is surprising because i was really addicted to masturbation.
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    yea bro def just flatline. nothing to worry about. I was with a girl a few weeks ago and I wasn't getting that hard - freaked me out like a while and motivated me to stop watching porn for about a week but I went right back to it.

    I gotta keep fighting that cuz I do NOT want erectile dysfunction. that's wack.

    I think we just gotta be patient with ourselves and not stress out too much about it bc that will just increase the problem. our penises need to know we're on their side lol yfm. like we just gotta take this one day at a time. keep sowing into this nofap lifestyle and soon we'll reap what we sow.

    because we've been addicted for years, it's gonna take some time.
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    From an old timer, here's a straight forward tip. Tell her the truth. That you had trouble getting hard and it freaked you out. You have looked at porn and you think that might be the problem and you are trying something to fix it (permanently hopefully?) . Also tell her that you really want to be with her and you don't mind fooling around and you getting to know her better (if you know what I mean) and if you get hard in all that and want to try and go further, go for it.

    I would try and wait (30 days maybe?) for second try, but you will be the judge of that. I don't have ED, never have so I'm no expert. But, consider that you might have just had nerves too.

    What I can say is that getting into the habit of being honest with your partners is a very good habit to start.
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  4. Thanks for the support bruv. I didnt know the term for that situation is called “flat line” but thats what I have these days. No desire to even touch myself. My dick just hangs there like an useless egg plant. This is why till now I haven’t had any difficulties in the reboot. Because im flatlining. Im not get proper hardons. This really freaks me out man.
  5. You’re absolutely right. I have made excuses to her till April because thats when I’ll hit the 30 days of the reboot. Hopefully by then I’ll feel better and not so sexless with a loss of libido.
    It might be the nerves as well because it was my first time and not hers. (She doesn’t know im still a virgin). Next time im going to listen to motivational songs while i get frisky with her haha.
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    Hi shady.

    Take a deep breath and relax ! You've been playing mind games with yourself for years and when you were put into the situation with a real-live partner, you just got a bit overwhelmed. Tell her you are nervous and tell her that you are working on becoming less nervous and more in tune with being together. Focus on being together and enjoying being together. The rest will follow. Stay on course with your journey. You are off to a good start.

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