Has anyone else noticed the lack of superpowers each time you give it up?

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    Hello people,

    I'm 8 months no porn now and feel good but throughout these 8 months I don't think I've really noticed a really high level of superpowers ( confidence, vitality, focus, motivation, interest from the other sex, etc.) The first time I gave up porn in 2015 for 10 months was amazing. Really early on I noticed I had a lot more energy, confidence, etc. It was a huge catalyst to improving my dating life. I really felt on top of the world a lot of the time. It was the most amazing feeling I had, I pretty much felt intoxicated with self confidence.

    But now, I feel good but don't feel incredibly great. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it kind of a thing where you feel the superpowers the first time you give up porn but they are less noticebale every time after that?

    I think it's possible that overall I'm just a more naturally confident person now and that the difference isn't so remarkable. It also may be possible that you can't just walk around with 10/10 confidence, motivation, vitality all the time.

    Either way, the time between the 10 months then and the 8 months now was a struggle. I don't think I was ever more than 3-4 months away from porn. Usually be away from porn more than I watched it, but I couldn't stay away.Now I feel the freedom and I really worked for it.

    I also think part of the problem right now is I'm not super motivated by a goal. I really want to work and this coronavirus has really put all my plans on hold. I can do all kinds of productive things like exercise and meditate, but I really want to go get a new job and work. I think my confidence and motivation will go up once I start working
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    You could start to learn something new (coding, some handcraft), the internet is full of tutorials and free lessons! That's helping me a lot in feeling better about myself.

  3. I think you got used to feeling great,so it became normal, that's it
    I Think it's time for you to aim higher, you need bigger goals to motivate you
    Time to learn new things and do some activities that you love to do
    That's my opinion, I don't think there's a physical difference, it's just a mental thing
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  4. there is still an increase in things like perception, you probably see better or the actual organs are strong like you can stay on pc all day long without drying burning sore eyes; the solidness of your body, no more weak knees; how much energy you have if you had to sprint away from a wild beast let loose behind you, stamina against sleep, hunger, irritability, perhaps better as in longer, easier to maintain and more natural eye contact; emotions heightened? maybe simple things like hormones being a little more regular easier to sleep and are not on some kind of adrenaline rush from wanking right before bed, is your breathing longer perhaps? all kinds of things, maybe even less acne?? slightly less disgusting hair quality?
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