Has anyone experienced negative side effects from abstaining?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by smallhippo, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. smallhippo

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    Iv read that abstaining from masturbation can actually cause negative side effects, has anyone experienced this? Is abstaining from masturbation safe?
  2. that sounds like a excuse to keep masturbating, there are a lot of benefits to not masturbating, not negative effects.
  3. smallhippo

    smallhippo Fapstronaut

    Naa I genuinely don't want to masturbate, but I was feeling a bit of pain the other day so I looked it up, and it seems pretty unhealthy to not masturbate for very long periods of time. I think I'm going to do the 90 days completely free of masturbation, then I'm going to just do it once a month or so (without the use of porn of course)
  4. Ekhangel

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    Blue balls are a common and temporary symptom of abstaining by addicts. They are the price you pay - for having gotten addicted in the first place. I have no personal experience with it but have heard about it from my APs.
  5. i wasnt judging at all sorry if it sounded like it. just made a comment, actully thats kinda what i plan on doing to. just do it about once or twice a month after i can go about a year without. to really reboot and see what its like not to masturbate since thats all ia have ever known.
  6. Karegador

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    The pain is called blue balls. It is normal and goes away after a brief period. Further more, nature did not leave the body without a release valve for if you don't masturbate. That release valve is called the wet dream.

    I remember when I had them as a teenager, this was still before I had fallen completely to addiction, they were awesome. Better than porn and/or masturbation.
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  7. JasonC

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    "Blue balls" are not a symptom of abstaining from P and/or M. They are a symptom of you getting all dressed up to go out, and then deciding to stay home, so to speak. It has nothing to do with the means (though some means can get you there quicker than others); it has everything to do with getting all worked up and not releasing it. The more excited you get, the more painful they are. I thought the blue balls I got after making out with my high school girlfriend for a couple hours and then going home were painful. That was absolutely nothing compared to how bad it hurts to edge for 8 hours straight to P and then suddenly lose the opportunity to O because your "window of opportunity" closes unexpectedly by a family member coming home. IOW, P&M without O for any significant amount of time will lead to BB. Running the bases with your lady, even sliding into home, will do it as well if you don't hit that "grand slam". Don't want blue balls? Then don't mess around with lust without a proper end game.
  8. Karegador

    Karegador Fapstronaut


    I beg to differ on your assertion that blue balls are not a symptom of abstaining from PMO. For me the feeling of blue balls is a common withdraw symptom. Whether or not it is true blue balls, probably not but the pain is very real. However, I will get the sensation of blue balls and it is intense, crippling even, and makes me want to fap just to make it go away.

    That said I have since learned to associate the pain with something to be proud of so it doesn't bother me quite as much and is only a problem when I am first starting out. Also, before you talk about having to be hard for a while in order to get blue balls, I will just say that in the case I described above, having an erection has not been part of the picture.

    If this is what you are feeling smallhippo, just bare with it. It will pass in a couple of days. It is not unhealthy. Most doctors will suggest that it is unhealthy to refrain from masturbation but keep in mind that scienc, and our culture as whole, does not recognize porn or masturbation addiction as being real. Eventually that will change but for now porn addiction = "being a guy" and masturbation addiction = "harmless release".
  9. Lapirata48

    Lapirata48 Fapstronaut

    "Has anyone experienced negative side effects from abstaining?"

    I am going under the assumption you mean the complete process of PMO.

    - Deep regret(from what I did before) which causes stress. Migraines. Panic attacks. Agoraphobia.
  10. themreman

    themreman Fapstronaut

    I've had a blue-ball like pain here and there over the past few days. Nothing serious to where I'd truly call it a negative.

    The only other thing that comes to mind are those studies that state regular ejaculations work to promote prostate health. But that doesn't actually require PMO if you think about it.
  11. MelancholyWeightlifter

    MelancholyWeightlifter Distinguished Fapstronaut

    There is absolutely no evidence that abstaining from masturbation is harmful in any way. I truly think you are deluding yourself if you think you can manage to only masturbate once or twice a month. Even if you could there is no reason to. I haven't gotten prostatitis or cancer. My balls haven't exploded. You'll be fine. The human body adapts.
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  12. NoBrainer

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    I believe there is evidence to indicate that abstaining from orgasm (not masturbation) can put you at higher risk of prostate cancer in later life, but we're talking years and years here. Abstaining from masturbation for 3 months plus will not put you at higher risk.

    My 'negative' effects of quitting porn and masturbation:
    1) I have become more of a prude
    2) I have realised that our society is saturated with sexualisation
    3) I have woken up to the fact that women are at risk from men in society (in general) :(
    4) I have realised that porn and masturbation were ruining my life and have destroyed my self respect and self confidence! (ie before I was just in denial)
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  13. TotalLifeChange

    TotalLifeChange Fapstronaut

    I'm feeling the blue balls as I write this.

    The negative side effect for me is a mild loss of confidence.

    You might find it funny because every rebooter reports a boost in confidence, loss of social anxiety, etc.

    I don't know, I haven't micro-analyzed my behavior...

    It feels like by having a constant relase I was more relaxed, and super confident while talking to girls...
    Now it's not like I'm super shy obviously, but I feel a loss of control of my emotional state.

    Anyway, what's the point of PMO, if PIED would keep me from escalating??

    I hope when I lose the PIED, the boost of confidence will over compensate this loss.
  14. MelancholyWeightlifter

    MelancholyWeightlifter Distinguished Fapstronaut

    You know how many things we do everday increase our risk of cancer? It is mind blowing. Saying you need to orgasm to lower your risk of prostate cancer is like saying "we better eat acai berries every day because they lower our risk of cancer". Or "we better stop eating vegetables and fruit because they have pesticides". You know how many things are supposed to lower your risk of cancer?! That's even more mind blowing. The decreased cancer risk of just simple diet and exercise would offset this supposed "negative" of abstaining from orgasm by a thousand fold....
  15. i have blue balls to now, I used to M to make the pain go away but not any more!!
  16. beauty

    beauty Fapstronaut

    Nothing harmful can arise from abstaining. Your body will release old, unused sperm via a WD and that's probably the worst that can happen. People who say there are harmful effects from abstaining from masturbation are just trying to rationalize and justify their masturbation habits.
  17. themreman

    themreman Fapstronaut

    What beauty said, pretty much.

    I brought up the prostate argument because I do recall seeing it used to hold the idea that regular masturbation can be healthy. Which, heck, could be true for certain people, but it's not why we're here.

    Your body knows how to take care of itself if you let it. The pressure isn't going to overflow and permanently damage something.
  18. **John**

    **John** Fapstronaut

    Blue balls only happen with arousal and no release.
    So stay away from arousal and you are fine
  19. tweeby

    tweeby Banned

    Let me just clarify this for anyone, no there are NO negative effects from abstaining from PMO.

    If you feel negative effects it is because your in withdrawal. These symptoms will last for a few days if that. The aggregated positive effects will eclipse those negative emotions.

    Anyone who brings this to the table as if 'it is a legitimate reason' is only doing so because they want an easy way out.

    'oh look abstaining for so long causes prostate cancer... I'm gonna PMO everyday!'

    ^^What is this nonsense. The solution is simple. Admit to yourself you're addict and you're looking for excuses to get out of this. I'd also recommend the following exercise.

    If anyone is feeling doubtful pull yourself aside, go to a mirror and pull down your pants and underwear. Make a cup shape with your hands and feel inbetween your legs. If done correctly, and you are infact a man, you will find two egg shaped objects. Give them a little squeeze just to make sure they yours. I'm praying we don't find a moist vagina don't there.

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  20. MelancholyWeightlifter

    MelancholyWeightlifter Distinguished Fapstronaut

    Lol. Tweeby. It's so true. Nothing but a cop out.

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