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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by David1221, May 31, 2018.

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    Whilst I was going through the abstinence and recovery, I was hit with intense depression and suicidal thoughts. I was questioning many different things in my life, and whether porn had caused it. Because of this, I relapsed and unfortunately I Binged. After I finished binging, I felt even worse than before. It made me realise the reason why I started This Nofal journey. I’m going to describe what I’m currently going through. Feel free to comment if you have gone through this because of a binge:

    1) Suicidal thoughts
    2) Intense social anxiety and social isolation
    3) Brain fog- can’t think clearly and even speak properly
    4) Low energy- Literally feel like a zombie
    5) Depression
    6) No motivation whatsoever
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    I've experienced all the symptoms, and yet some more, like Joint Pain and Depersonalization. (Like i'm not "me" anymore).
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    Just know that you’re not alone with them symptoms and that it IS porn withdrawal that causes them.
  4. My first 20 days of withdrawal was like this except for suicidal thoughts. I've been into yoga/meditation for years and I know much better than to end my life voluntarily. The symptoms you described is in relationship to the change in brain chemistry, like the alteration of dopamine, etc., during the withdrawal process. You have to adopt cold, hard reasoning to get you through the worst critical stage. Notions such as 1) Saving sexual expression for real people, not pixel people on a computer or TV screen, 2) Pixel people are not here, materialized in the flesh. The fapping hand is not a vagina, 3) Accepting the life that is, not the fantasy world of what could be, 4) Assimilate and redirect the sexual energy to improve concentration, strengthening the mind, willpower, and neurophysiology, 5) Appreciate beautiful women from the aspect of a divine soul wearing a beautiful form. This neutralizes lustful feelings, and 6) You're not depriving yourself of anything. You will simply leave behind the basement level of sexuality, such as porn and masturbation, and unfold your life to new heights and with greater awareness within yourself, appreciating others and nature profoundly, and the countless lovers you shall embrace throughout your eternity.
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