Has anyone heard of Injaculation?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by TheRunner, Nov 23, 2014.

  1. TheRunner

    TheRunner Fapstronaut

    I had read about it a few months back.
    Its called the lions point or something.
    Its used by beginner taoist practitioners.

    The way it works is you masturbate and orgasm but you don't ejaculate.
    In the sense you don't loose any sperm.
    So you don't feel exhausted at all and can keep going again and again once your penis is hard again. You don't really loose interest in the act as you normally would after climax.

    This is just a beginner technique though there is a whole lot more.

    What you do is when your about to ejaculate , you press down HARD between your balls and your anus.(Perineum) with all four fingers to stop the flow of sperm from going out.

    Just a little something to ponder over.
    If you wanna learn more of how not to loose your precious energy check out Mantak Chia and his teachings on Taoism.

    I'm still reading a few of his books. The is a whole lot.
  2. JonnyK

    JonnyK Fapstronaut

    Oh gosh what tha.. That is disturbing. I don't like that idea.
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  3. Andrzej

    Andrzej Fapstronaut

    Precisely, be honest to yourself! Not the technique is important. You need more radical attempt to eliminate a problem. In this case, you are involved in double dealing and becoming untrustworthy even for your self!
  4. tom745

    tom745 Fapstronaut

    i don't understand the point on this. seems just nuts.
  5. IGY

    IGY Guest

    I have heard it called retrograde ejaculation where sperm and semen back fills into the bladder. THIS IS BAD FOR YOU AND NOT RECOMMENDED!
  6. NoBrainer

    NoBrainer Distinguished Fapstronaut

    What the hell is the point of doing nofap if you want to keep masturbating? (By this weird injaculation method...)
  7. Personal Freedom

    Personal Freedom Fapstronaut

    It corresponds to a philosophical ideology whereby the loss of semen from the body depletes your energy. Resisting that loss through climax is supposed to prolong your energy, allowing a male to have multiple climaxes.

    But it does nothing to stop the addiction to self-pleasuring. I'll be honest, this sounds like a cheat that's just going to perpetuate the cycle. It might be something you could master later on, once you're no longer an addict, but while you're trying to quit this will probably just become a way for your mind to convince yourself that what you're doing is healthy. It's kind of like going from eating potato chips to eating beef jerky, because protein is better for you than starches, when the real problem is overeating.
  8. TheRunner

    TheRunner Fapstronaut

    I don't masturbate anymore.
    I just though I should tell someone.
    The first time I tried it it felt super weird.
    But I got used to it.

    The bladder thing happens if you do it incorrectly.
    Normally it goes back to your balls.
    You can check by urinating and seeing if its white (indicating it went into the bladder).

    It's not exactly philosophical.
    It's actually pretty practical.
    I masturbated once 8 times and I was perfectly fine using the technique.
    No energy drain. I went about doing my normal stuff after.
    Normally if I'd ejaculate 2-3 times I'd be dead tired and moping around all day.

    It also helps guys who relapse alot.
    I noticed when I used the technique I didn't feel like a worthless piece of shit like I normally would after jacking off.
    If your going to relapse atleast use this technique to reduce the after effects.

    I do agree that that masturbating can be a huge problem.

    But you can wean yourself off slowly with this atleast.
    This is for guys who are weak willed like myself who take longer to make the change.
    The guys who are strong willed don't need it.
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  9. purity

    purity Fapstronaut

    I've read a plethora of information regarding Taoist sexual practices. I will share with you the blunt and honest truth.

    Any sort of sexual excitement or activity, causes a loss of jing. Now when one engages in non-ejaculatory sexual yoga with a firm grounding in Taoist practice, then they certainly can harness and cultivate energy, so long as THEY ARE NOT HAVING SEX ALONE. The cultivation of energy comes from being with a partner, assorbing your partner's essence. In theory this takes place between male and female, yin and yang. As it is the opposite energy that provides the miraculous healing benefits, unfortunately homosexuals would not gain such benefit through 'dual essence cultivation'.

    That being said, any adept Taoist is fully aware that cultivating energy through sexual practices is considered a lower form of qi cultivation. To cultivate supreme energy, one would practice complete celibacy.

    I believe in karezza and non-ejaculatory sex as practiced in Taoism. However I do not like the 'inward ejaculation' practices, they just seem wierd and strange to me.

    You can certainly gain much benefit from non-ejaculatory sex by simply refraining from ejaculation. IME there is no need to dissect the method of how one refrains from this like squeezing the area between your pelvis or what have you, it's just so strange and off-putting to me. Just exercise self-control, and have a good awareness of your own body during sex, it can be that simple and the energy exchange (non-ejaculatory) happens by itself really, it's just nature.

    My 2 cents peace.
  10. Lemonquack

    Lemonquack Fapstronaut

    Couldn't agree more. It seems to defeat the purpose of Nofap
  11. IGY

    IGY Guest

    Retrograde Ejaculation - This is Important!

    I honestly think this is further misinformation agnel18.

    Semen doesn't stay white for very long. Therefore, to claim, "You can check by urinating and seeing if its white (indicating it went into the bladder)", is misleading at best.

    No one is going to pee white fluid, even if semen is mixed in with urine. Not only that, but the idea that it will go back to the testicles is clearly wrong.

    70% of semen is produced and originates from the seminal vesicle which mixes with fluids from the prostate, and the bulbourethral glands. The testicles only produce 2–5% of this ejaculate. Clearly there is no capacity in two testicles to contain 95% of the fluid that didn't even come from there. Are you suggesting then, that these various glands along the way each reabsorb the fluids that were mixed together during the muscles spasms that would have squirted it all out the penis? I do not wish to be unreasonable, but I just cannot see that your assertion is even possible.
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  12. TheRunner

    TheRunner Fapstronaut

    My bad.
    I guess I still have to learn alot.
  13. Ezy

    Ezy Fapstronaut

    Yea...I don't understand how having an orgasm and not cumming make you feel less exhausted...you still had an orgasm...Orgasm is defined as "discharge of accumulated sexual tension during the sexual response cycle, resulting in rhythmic muscular contractions in the pelvic region characterized by sexual pleasure." This has nothing to do with the release of sperm...you still have the muscular contractions and the discharge of sexual tension. So in a sense you still get the stimulus you were looking for...This in no way will help you.
  14. TheRunner

    TheRunner Fapstronaut

    I did feel the discharge of sexual tension but I didn't feel any exhaustion after it.
    As I normally would if I discharged. I'd be depressed and moping about the whole day.

    I went about playing basketball for a few hours after masturbating 8 times without any noticeable decrease in my game.
    I'm not speaking from something I read somewhere I am speaking from my personal experience.

    I'm not sure where the sperm goes after you injaculate but I don't feel any exhaustion when I use the technique.
  15. TeddyBear

    TeddyBear Guest

    Retrograde ejaculation is not the same as what you're describing. However, using strong, physical pressure to abstain from ejaculation is an utterly horrible idea to reach the goal in which you're describing. What you're supposed to do normally ... is train the pelvic floor muscles (with kegels), which are responsible for ejaculating, cutting off the flow of urine, prostate health, etc., until you reach a point where your pelvic floor muscles are so strong you can simply contract these muscles (located between the anus and balls [or vagina]) at the point of orgasm and it'll keep you from orgasming ... and you can continue on having sex for longer periods of time. It also teaches you control so that you do not have premature ejaculation when having sex with a female. Training these muscles will make your erections stronger and your orgasms much more intense. Retrograde ejaculation is unrelated and is a sign of impending infertility and other sexual dysfunction and requires a visit to the doctor.

    Having said all that ... none of this should have any place whatsoever when rebooting. It defeats the entire purpose of NoFap and is simply a justification for masturbation when you're not supposed to be doing this in any shape or form. So I can't recommend you do this at all. Don't look for an out during the rebooting process. You're not doing yourself any favors.

    You will maintain your energy levels by ... you guessed it ... not masturbating at all. The goal here is not to find ways to keep your energy levels after masturbating, it's to rewire your neuroplastic brain after the damage that PMO has caused. Maybe your goals are different.
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  16. TheRunner

    TheRunner Fapstronaut

    My goal is to stop masturbating entirely and use all that energy for badass stuff.
    I just wanted to share my experience for those who relapse alot.
    That's all.

    I'm still learning alot of the taoist practices if I have made blunders please forgive me.

    I just wanted to share what worked for me at least in the beginning.
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  17. TeddyBear

    TeddyBear Guest

    No need to be sorry. :) Using that energy for bad ass stuff is certainly a good goal. :p

    I'm glad that worked for you and I hope you continue to see progress.
  18. Dad

    Dad Fapstronaut

    MMy personal experience jibes with what Fapocalypse is saying.
    1) Avoiding masturbation of all sorts during the rebooting process is probably going to yield the best results.
    2) Training your body to avoid ejaculation can be cultivated without the extreme clamping and using fingers or objects to redirect ejaculation internally (injaculation). (IGY- I've read that injaculation is evidenced by "cloudy" urine. Not "white" urine. Indeed the ejaculate does redirect up into the bladder). But instead, using the perineal musculature alone, as well as developing the skill to reach orgasm without injaculation or ejaculation is quite possible. Semen will be produced, but reabsorbed by the Seminal Vesicals, not the Testes.
    3) Tantric activity is anecdotal and these practices have not been affirmed or measured by modern science. So whatever readings or practices that one follows here can only be evaluated through the opinion of the individual as to its efficacy and or validity.
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  19. Johnny420

    Johnny420 Fapstronaut

    Ive been doing this for a week now and for the last few days I havent felt hungry. I was wondering though why it feels weird in the testicles though. its like you feel the need to pee but cant for an hour or so. also wondered about not feeling the hunger pains I used to feel. I also wanted to know is it bad to do it daily?

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