Has anyone of you noticed any Coffee negative side effects after relapse???

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    Have anyone of you noticed any side effects with coffee? Especially during release cycles?

    This kind of thing has happened more than once...
    I drink 2 cups of coffee on average daily.
    I came to my attention that somehow - maybe in relation to frequent relapsing -
    It affects my mood, behavior and quite possibly multiplies my anxiety while I'm socially interacting.
    I was on my way to a job meeting today after a relapse and although I could feel my body recovering and still being "present", I decided to take a coffee as usual ( having in mind a similar side effect from multiple previous experiences). After consuming the coffee although I was still at the meeting listening I felt a lot more impulsive and not being able to focus.
    Eventually I excused myself and went out for something of urgent reason.
    Other times similar effects when I'm out hanging out with friends after consuming coffee.
    It's not a "placebo" it in my mind thing because I can see a real difference when I'm drinking coffee at all.

    So as asked in the beginning what's your experience?
    If there is a scientific/medical explaination (.. Link maybe?) I would love to hear it
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  3. So, I've actually thought about this specifically. I recall reading (to be fair I can't recall the source) that caffeine hits you with dopamine, although not in a sexual way obviously, but still.

    More generally I've thought that my reboots would be longer and more successful if I just generally was much more austere in a lot of things that would give me a dopamine burst; ie listening to pop music, warm showers, coffee/iced tea.

    I don't have anything really to back that up, it's just something I've thought about. But this whole process is a trial and error
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