Has Corona killed my love-life? Or can it?

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Rahab, Jun 12, 2020.

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    Since Corona appeared around the world everything is not the same as before anymore. Sure universities/schools/works have found solutions how to continue, so that is not a problem.
    But I cannot go outside anymore, no bars, no clubs, no events and no vacation into another country because of Corona. The isolation made me depressive. Meanwhile I think now I can give up totally with girlfriends, seeing the world, making new friends internationally etc. This is something I had to do before but I'm late, very late with everything - I've seen other people who could everything do what they wanted before. The corona-situation feels like a punishment and a curse for me which will last for a long time because I didn't do the things right in my past.
    Even it will be over after a while (I guess 5 years), I think I cannot join the situation after Corona. And I cannot handle social media platforms. So dating-platforms like Tinder or something like that won't work for me, I made bad experiences with dating-platforms. And even if I would met a girl on these platforms, I'll never meet her because of the situation of her home-country and if you can travel without fearing to get stucked.
    Meanwhile I've accepted that I'll die alone without girl, without kids, without friends. I didn't make preparations if something like that can happen. And Corona increase my expectations for the future. It cannot only kill people with their symptoms but can also people on a mental way.
  2. Rahab

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    For example?
    Sure and after a new wave of Corona I'm stucked in the country because I cannot travel back.
    Money doesn't make me happy.
    You're right, that's why I have given up totally finding a girl.
    1. The society makes me sick because of their indirectly handling who fits to the girl/man and who not
    2. People bedrudge me having a girlfriend.
    3. Sure there are women outside who are steady, sure and self-confident and are not affected by the society I live, but they are all already taken.
    4. I haven't learned in the past handling a girlfriend for a long time and what I did wrong.
  3. Rahab

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    But the isolation makes me depressed.
    going outside, visiting friends including internationally friends, finishing university, vacation like festivals,
    I dreamed about it but meanwhile I don't want to make false hopes for me. Beating my upcoming exams is more probably than meeting the right girl.
  4. Look at the lock-down as a blessing in disguise. Use it as a means to recover from porn addiction. You can look for girls when this is over and you won't be a porn addict when that happens. Best of luck to you
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    Read philosophy it helps to change your thinking. Just wanting best for you, since you are amazing human being with dreams and hopes that should not be depressed by some "small" virus.

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