Has, for anyone, Nofap. com become a PMO trigger?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by ProtagonistOfMyLife, Jan 25, 2019.

  1. ProtagonistOfMyLife

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    Meaning, has anyone got urges from visting this website.
    It's not that way for me personally. However, I am curious and would like to know if I have to stay vigilant in that regard.
  2. It did at the beginning that's why I tried to visit this site just once a week and not to read certain threads. Now, it's not even a big deal to read spoiler text.
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  3. Sometimes if someone goes a bit too far into detail when talking about their addiction, like when describing their fetish. Women's reboot section can be triggering too if you look at it from the wrong perspective.
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  4. TryingMyBestinCanada

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    Yes, it definitely is for me.
    It's not the details that people share, but I am sexually excited about the thought of people having a private moment to "pleasure" themselves. So when I would see people reset, I know that they had one of those moments.
  5. TheTr0jan1

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    Spot on! I also found it arousing at first, getting hard at the thoughts and imaginings, although the more I continue my streak, the less and less I find the stories arousing, now most are just posts to me, I find them interesting and motivational in a way, not arousing unless its specifically about a trigger of mine. I tend to stay away from posts that could possibly trigger me.
  6. Upfromtheashes

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    Although forums can be helpful, they can also be counter productive. If you 're trying to not think about something, but you are constantly reading, posting or following the very issues you're trying to erase, then it does more harm than good.
    I spent a few years on a marriage forum, while suffering from a sexless marriage, with my former spouse & it turned into a "misery loves company".
    The moderators there gave the best advice: Read some advice, try their advice & report back with results. Constant reading & monitoring will keep it on your mind.
  7. Mattew

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    In one or two occasion i got triggered reading a thread, i just aknowledge that and leave the thread.
  8. ClaritySeeker

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    It was in the first 2-4 weeks for me. Just goes to show how addicted we all are. I think at day 40-50 I was in the right state of mind
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