Has my flatline started?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by JaguarPaw, Jan 9, 2018.

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    Has my flatline started? I am feeling unhappy, my dreams are like my pre-nofap days, few and far between. I am feeling powerless. Even when I dream about my girl, it is again the same old dreams of someone else flirting with her and she is totally into him. I feel like a wallflower. I really feel restless and can do nothing about it.

    Earlier I used to masturbate when I get these kind of dreams and feel more pathetic. I am not going to do this now but the emptiness is getting to me. I know I have to something else to take my mind off, there are gazillion things to do but none of them give an immediate result. The time is less & I am confused & bored. Darn this low confidence cycle. Just 2 days ago I was feeling great and now this!
  2. It was exactly what you're feeling right now that ended my best streak.

    I think it's caused by two things. I theorize that it's not only a flatline you're going through, it's a loss of confidence because a benefit from abstaining hasn't hit you for a while.

    Me, for example, the benefits from abstaining start to appear a little over a week and they keep stacking until I'm about a month in. Then no benefits appear.

    Just stick through it and distract yourself. You're doing great. 48 Days is no joke. Soon, you'll have a really good day and your mood will soar.
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  3. Nick:3

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    That's good that you felt confident and good before this, so you know it'll come around, nah I'd say it'll deffo get better, coming from a guy who got over 60 days of nofap before, tbh I'm in a pretty bad stage of it as well, keep going man! Also my main tips are :

    1) meditating - use youtube guided meditations to make you feel good and shift your focus

    2) cold showers- Can make you more alert, powerful, resistant to the cold, and boost hormones greatly

    3) work out/do sport - Great way to socialise and release endorphins

    good luck dude, we got this.
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  4. Megasameru

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    This things are an IMPERATIVE to do.
    Whenever you have an urge, cold shower.
    Read the post in my bio. Cheers.
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    Cheers Megasameru, also I find listening to affirmations can be an amazing pick me up.
  6. JaguarPaw

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    Thanks brother. I really hope so. hope is the only thing that keeps me going. I need the benefits and enjoyment of leading a normal life of attraction and courtship/relationship with real women. I don't mind giving up porn & masturbation but when oh when?
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  7. JaguarPaw

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    @Nick:3 @Megasameru thanks for the replies guys. Yes I need to get back on to my workout routine. It has been 6 months since I seriously worked out.

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