Has nofap helped any of you to stop feeling like you need to prove yourself to others

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    Has nofap helped any of you to stop feeling like you need to prove yourself to others or be confident around people you put on a pedestal?

    I have already gotten incredible benefits from nofap, and this time around they're coming a lot faster now that I've incorporated nosurf (not completely but cut down on a lot of dopamine and instant gratification). Anyways, I've noticed the confidence benefits have boosted incredibly around new people I've never met. But around people who knew me as my old self, (shy, quiet, awkward), I don't know why but I always feel like I have to prove myself around these people. And it ends up being like a blocker, my benefits just don't show around these people. This has happened to me many times, I just didn't know about nofap until August. In January of last year I did nofap without knowing what it was because I cut myself off for about half a year from 1/2 of the people who treat me like shit. Then when I was in a setting with a new group of people my confidence was so high and everyone there viewed me as a confident person. But even then, around the people who knew my old self, that confidence just wasn't there. If you asked the group of people who knew the old me vs. the group that I'd just met and made a new impression of and asked what they thought of me personality wise, their answers would be completely different. The same experience then is happening to me now. When I'm around people I put on a pedestal or people who knew the old me, I overthink SO much and am not as confident around them. Anyone who has a good streak going or can relate to me, has nofap helped you with this problem?
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    Do you really have a 355 days streak? If so, nice job!! :)
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    Kind of... At the gym I walk around without a shirt. Yes, I dont have a six pack or good chest, but hey! I feel good like it, thats all. Maybe that was slightly off topic, but thats similar to it.
    And yes... I can say no to people easier. I don't stress so much about losing a football game. I don't have to prove you that I'm good at it or something. I play how I play, I don't care no more.
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    I've been pretty no nonsense with people since leaving my first job as I was treated like shit by a manager there, made me more open about my opinions on matters and Nofap has boosted that, my confidence is up and whatever people say or think about me goes over my head, unless it's someone I care for and respect their opinion.
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