Has NoFap made you mentally tougher.

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Deleted Account, Oct 15, 2021.

  1. One of my self-improvement goals is to become mentally tough and resilient. Has NoFap made you more mentally tough?
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  2. Toni7

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    All I know that conastant relapses(jerking off) make me mentally weaker.
    So if you stop and do the right things and insted off hiding in the room and not facing life you go out there whit head up high. And that will make you mentally stronger.
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  3. I also want to be an alpha male. Everyone take me for granted and everyone think i am a weak man. I want to prove them wrong.
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  4. E31

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    Everything that takes effort and resilience will give you more mental stamina if you succeed and furthermore the confirmation that you are indeed able to do so will be a great motivator for anything else.

    What ultimately gave me far more mental strenght tho was meditation, acceptance, gratitude and adapting the right philosophies for me and living by my values rather than certain goals.
    Leaving your vices behind will give you more time, energy and clarity to pursue such things.
    So, long story short: yes ;)
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  5. E31

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    You got this!
    Suggestion tho: Don't do it to prove anything to other people, fuck people that you need to prove something to in order to be accepted as the complete human being you already are. And try not to categorize yourself with greek letters, but rather strive to be exactly who you want to be, someone who can live by his values and work on the dreams and skills that really fulfill you. And enjoy your time on this beautiful planet ;)
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  6. DeeJ4y

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  7. In most areas yes. In other areas no.
  8. PegasusKid

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    Idk if its made me stronger than usual, but when I can go a week or more without using it helps me stay as strong as I usually am if that makes sense. I'm stronger sure, but I'm stronger than when I'm at my weakest so its kind of a one sided comparison. I think thats why just returning to baseline can feel amazing for a lot of people who do nofap and almost feel like a superhuman boost, but its just actually removing something thats been draining you.
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