Has PMO done this to me?

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm curious if anyone has an explanation of why I'm experiencing this (science behind it).

    Bit about me: I started thinking pretty sexual around the age of 11 (Pretty sure), I started indulging in PMO at around late 13 almost 14 (I think). I'm now 16 and pretty addicted to PMO, I've had no previous mental problems or anything. I've usually been a smart student without trying much (Used to be pretty physically active). I now fap 2 times a day sometimes even more. 16+ times a week edging for hours a session (Porn fantasies fetishes ect)

    Effects I've encountered:

    Brain Fog-
    Lately I've been hit with severely bad brain fog, my short term memory abilities are shocking (Names, numbers and sentences ect-)

    Learning ability-
    My Learning ability is shocking I feel like I haven't learnt much in these past few years, finding it hard to pick up new skills. My problem solving sucks, feels like I've become super dumb.

    Emotionally a ship wreck-
    Very aggressive here and there, I can have some anger outburst sometimes (Not usually me). I don't feel like I've emotionally matured in these few years.

    Energy and Desire-
    No energy and Desire to do anything at all (Basic things, school, showers and brushing teeth ect)

    I never used to have much OCD until I hit hard into PMO and OCD habits got 100x worse.

    Communication/Social skills (Anxiety)-
    Very bad at communicating in conversations, finding it hard to get words out they come out all mixed up and apparently don't make sense (Told by close family/friends)
    I don't like going out and socializing at all, become more of an introvert.

    Humour and Quick thinking-
    I used to be pretty humorous in conversations (Kept it going and making it exciting). I used to be able to think super clear sharp and fast.

    Extra things-
    After Long periods of fapping sessions I feel this weird sensation around my head (On the sides and behind my forehead) it feels cloudy mixed with lots of pressure. Not much creativity and ideas, following the same things each day goes hand in hand with having trouble learning new things. These effects came slowly on in these past few years (Getting worse). I've done MRI scans and lots of other tests, Everything is around about good.

    Old me-
    I don't feel like myself anymore, I feel like everything has changed and been altered (altered in a bad way). Parents are saying its just teenage years ._.

    Do you think this was caused or related to a PMO addiction? And do you guys know much about the science behind it? Why this is happening, why I'm getting 1000000x worse brain fog. I'd really appreciate your guys answers (Took a while haha)Sorry if this doesn't make sense)
  2. You're hammering your reward circuitry, and the chemicals in your brain (notably dopamine, the feel good chemical) is flooding it. Many of us on here have the same symptoms as you, many very severe.

    If you're wanting a full, in-depth take, here's a link to an hour long video, with supporting notes for the science. It's from 2015, but it's so comprehensive, it's an excellent place to start.

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    Thanks so much for the reply along with the information, I'll check it out! Much appreciated!!!
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    How is your libido and sexual desire? Has it diminished? Any erectile dysfunction symptoms?

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    The Devil (as usual) is correct. You really need to start studying your problem, as in the mechanics of the neuroscience behind the motivational and reward neurotransmitter, dopamine, which is a key component of all addictions. Humanity has invented a lot of buttons to push to get a dopamine high; porn is just one. I can give you great advice, but it will be difficult to do--difficult but not impossible, though it will seem impossible until you are actually doing it: Quit watching porn and do the hard 90, 90 days no porn, no M, no O, and the (at least attempted) elimination of as many sexual thoughts as you can, which is difficult at your age because nature wants you thinking them.

    There is a reality with porn addiction, and that is that the percentage of people who had an actual sexual experience prior to experiencing High Speed Internet Porn is shrinking, never to return. These are people in their mid to late teens prior to 2007, when High Speed Internet Porn really took off, with the invention of the "tubes". When you talk about your old self, well, sadly, for your generation and generations to come, who experienced porn prior to sex, it is more difficult to rewire because your brain has NEVER wired to sex. I am a bit older, so, when I quit, my brain "remembered" the older reward pathways, and it was easier. Tougher for guys your age to fix it, but fixing it can be done.

    By the way, the man who created this place, Alexander Rhodes, had it much worse than you currently do, reporting as many as 14 PMOs a day before he decided it needed to be fixed, and he fixed it. The site the Devil recommended, yourbrainonporn.com is the bible for those quitting porn. Get it? Satan is recommending the bible. I crack me up. Oh yeah, OK to have a sense of humor here. Take quitting seriously, but it's OK to laugh at the ridiculousness of wiring your brain to use fuck vids to the point of addiction. They should make a movie about it. Wait, they did: Don Jon. Point being, you are not alone.


    Will I AM.
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