Has someone ever caught you PMOing?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by nerd_lean, Dec 30, 2018.

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    Haha come visit Indonesia one day man
  2. I’ve done it in a notntoo crowded place here in the USA.
  3. I just want to say, not out of judgement but in love, that this is really unhealthy behavior. I can't tell if this is being spoken about as something you want to change or something you think is fine, but I assure you, its not fine at all.
  4. No, but something worse happened lol. Almost three years ago i was seeing this girl for a couple of weeks we were having sex everyday at her friend's house. Her friend, this woman had a kid, this little boy was about 6 years old i dont remember. And one day we decided to spend all night in the living room watching movies and drinking, and when it was about 7 am in the morning we decided to have sex, the kid had already gone to school so we knew we were alone, and we started to have sex and during the act he opened the door and entered the room and caught doing it, i was doing her like doggystyle lol and she immediatey screamed and tried to cover with the blanket and i remmeber his reaction. He opened the door, looked and was like "ok, nothing to do here" and minded his own business going to his room. I mean lol, he was a kid, was all the time screaming and crying over things, but when he saw that, he seemed different, he just looked and turned his head and walked like a man i dont know how to describe but it was hilarious. He could have screamed, made fun, or whatever, i know he was a kid and is not used to this shit of course, but the way he looked and then walked was hilarious. I believe he will never forget that image, never will i.
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    He' such a mature kid
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    I'd say no, but who knows. They probably just never brought it up if they did
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  7. I don’t know. Wasn’t looking for an opinion or judgement. It’s obvious that is isn’t healthy. I guess it was a soul-cleansing act of admission, or confession. Makes me feel good to be brutally honest. I am so sorry if I offended anyone. A wuirknof mine is like to cure is, yes, i admit it, exhibitionnism in many different forms. Maybe this isn’t the place to give details but damn, I sure would like to let it out somehow. Maybe a mentor or a couch or a therapist.
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  8. I should be careful and do this in healthy ways. Has anyone’s wife ever suggested to them that they get a jo buddy? I was a bit shocked but felt encouraged. She is an angel and very understanding.
  9. It’s embarrassing to say but many of us parents have had kids see us doing one thing or another. It’s haooened to my wife and I also. You never forget it. So true.
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    Your wife suggested you get a JO buddy? Wow, that is definitely understanding.
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  11. Yeah...interested?

    Only joking.

    “Oh that was so bad. I’ll provably get banned.”
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  12. It wasnt judgement.

    No, actually, around here that's actually not at all obvious to a lot of people, which is why I pointed it out, in case anyone in a fragile state of mind is reading these stories and glamorizing them or thinking they're a good idea.
  13. No, please dont misunderstand me. I didnt at all say that you cant let things out here. that's exactly what this place is for. I just wanted to make sure you recognize that that behavior isnt healthy, and it seems like you do, so that's good. People have come here in the past and talked about stuff like this as if its not a big deal, so I was just asking. You didnt offend anybody, I was just asking a question.
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