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  1. Hey there guys, have you ever had a feeling so strong that you just can't get rid of it - Feeling of black and honest hate, hate of yourself? for no reason. Have you felt something similar during your nofap journey and what do you think about this? I have this feeling time after time and especially during my nofap period (I guess my feelings are getting clear from addiction and this causes some painful psychological reactions).
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    You are starting to uncover the mask from yourself. You are starting to see your true self. Usually, many guys watch porn to escape some type of problem. Abstaining from porn is the best way of finding out that problem.
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  3. I was addicted to porn for 12 years. I may say that there is a huge monster waiting for me.
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    Yes, and without wanting to sound glib or disparaging, as I feel your pain, and pain it is and much of it... what an opportunity to fight this beast and beat it and be the person you will become doing so.
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    Yes, I felt it. And in my case, that kind of understimated feelings often triggers in me the urges. But yeah, there are good people who really hate themselves, and bad people who love themselves. Ironies of life, I guess.
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    What you are feeling is withdrawal symptoms thats normal for any addiction. It will pass eventually.
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    Beating addiction comes with emotional distress. The best thing you can do is let your emotions out. Don't try to keep them in or block them, that will only make you tense and feel like shit. If some days you feel like you hate yourself, then so be it, just let it out. Some days you may feel like crying, and that's okay too. The important thing is just letting it out :)

    Stay strong friend!
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  8. Thanks! Hatred has become weaker for now. I'm just letting my emotions to feel free. I haven't done something like this before - live without opressing my feelings.
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    I'm in a similar place man. Just did a heavy lift workout to kind of shed some of that energy away.
    I've been moving in fugue state for the last two weeks. Been faping 12 years and it had to stop for the monsters I was raising without knowing.
    And someone correctly said, allow yourself to feel emotion and it will be fine. And I'll do you one better, articulate to the closest possible explanation you might have of what you are feeling. In my expereince just carefully choosing to narrate my expereince (on this forum of in private) sheds more light to that emotion. Before articulating it has no form but once you put words to it you can see it dimensions and what it's tethered too.
    Wish you the best.
    Strength for life.
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