Have any of guys quit social media if you did tell me your experience

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Deleted Account, Oct 8, 2020.

  1. Have any you guys quit social media because today is 45th day of quitting YouTube and it feels like a flatline.
  2. Andreid

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    I quit Facebook and Instagram and I have over a week without them. I'm not losing too much, but the urges are very strong for me to see some hot chicks I'm following. My way of thinking is toxic, I know, but I need to start somewhere and it's great for you that you managed to stay away from YT so far. Good luck!
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  3. grffn

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    I deleted facebook 5+ years ago and Instagram 2+ years ago. My life is better without it.
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  4. I'm curious, how has your life gotten better?
  5. grffn

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    Those apps always made me feel inadequate. Always someone with more followers, more likes, posting more interesting photos, etc. Of course its totally ridiculous because its all surface. My life is better because I just focus on whatever I care about and don't have to impress people on the internet.

    Also always found myself getting sucked into the endless scroll on instagram. It was a total attention drain with no positive payoff.
  6. Facts
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  7. Protagonist

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    I left all social media for over an year ago although I left Facebook 3 years ago.

    I was used to feel miserable looking at poeple living their tremendous lives. It made me pity myself and I'd always think that I was worthless.

    Leaving it didn't necessarily made me feel good but i no longer felt the worthlessness that I used to feel.

    P. S. I activated my insta a week ago but I use it only to talk to my friends.
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  8. Boyish 123

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    Free from ig and fb for 100 days
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  9. Mo1989

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    Yes free from fb insta tt sc bs feeling free
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  10. Wilde°

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    Like people above said, you'll be free. When they say free they mean free of judgement, free of having your head stuck all the day checking who liked you and comparing yourself to others because of stupid likes. When people post something it's all about self acceptance (in most cases). Hey look, Im in a relationship, hey look I got a new car, hey look I'm having fun. I mean why do you need all of this worries, stop being a prison and enjoy your life without asking others to accept you, you'll feel how free you are and not dependent on its judgement. It's lovely.
    Not only that, you'll start investing your time on other things that actually benefit you than this waste of time. Trust me I have stopped videogames addiction and it was much harder, but when you just leave it you learn how to live without it, till you completely forget it. And then you'll be looking around and ask yourself, why is everyone on their damn phone all the time, what the fuck do they do? why they would do that? Speaking as my self I hate when people sit in front of me and they keep being on their phone acting busy and escaping reality.

    To be short (lmao)
    Quit social media

    And don't give yourself excuses like -
    "Just checking, it's been a while"
    "I can use it to meet girls and date"

    And so on.
  11. Thanks for the compliment bro
  12. Yeah I had quit IG a while and It feels good put my problem is YT because like a year ago I watched 8 hours a day and It feels very different with IG put could please tell me your experience of quitting your video game addiction.
  13. Love2LongBoard

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    No FB, no IG, I only get on YT when their a real need and I have to be a room with someone else. I have been doing this for years.

    Best thing I ever did for my mental wellbeing. I do not get sucked into things that are not actually important to me anymore. I used to think SO MANY things were important to me. Now I realize there are very few things that really matter and I spend ALL my time on those things.

    For me self-actualization is about knowing what matters and doing it.

    I haven't used PM for many years now. I would have to give time up from something that really matters to me to use again. When the choice is eat a bag of chips on the couch alone or PM, you can easily justify that. But now I would have to give up time from my kids, or my wife, or my business, or being a REAL man (cleaning, changing diapers, listening to others, painting the house, finishing the landscaping, improving my mind and body, etc.).

    Give your self the time the be who you really want to be. Take that time (it has to come from somewhere) from social media.

    Don't think about it as giving up social media. Think about it as gaining the time to be the man you know you can be.
  14. ruso

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    No FB no IG for about a month now. It felt great the first week or so, now it’s starting to be lonely but I got people outside the internet to connect with, so now it’s probably just my brain trying to get me to endlessly scroll FB and IG again.
  15. chingiz

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    It has been a month since I quit FB and insta. For youtube, I used a chrome extension to get rid of video suggestions, front page suggestions, comments section etc. It's crazy how once you get rid of suggestions, you don't really watch much unless you're looking for something very specific. Those algorithms are designed to suck you in and make you spend ridiculous amounts of time watching videos, and therefore ads.
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  16. chingiz

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    Oh and after I quit FB, not a single one of those 'friends' bothered to text or call me. Even the ones in a couple of group chats, who would have known I was gone. Social media is a joke.
  17. rob13_

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    I quit Reddit and have no regrets. That toxic app was causing me all sorts of depression and anxiety. Hope I never go back to it.
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  18. recoome

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    left facebook. want to leave watsapp too but my mom wants me to stay there so we can chat. and its annoying.
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