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Have had a few issues - definitely due to unhealthy addiction!

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by BuildBedroomStrength, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. BuildBedroomStrength

    BuildBedroomStrength New Fapstronaut

    Hi all my name's Kash.

    New to this forum but I've watched a ton of videos about how porn and masturbation effect your brain/energy levels. I'm definitely addicted - have been watching porn/jerking off daily before bed every night since high school and I struggle to go without it. It feels great writing this because it's a problem you can't discuss with family/friends without feeling like a total loser.

    I'm 25 - I should be in my prime sex stage and be able to go like a jackhammer but my boners have gotten a lot weaker over the years and it is tough to get it up when i need to (this has happened while I was with a couple of girls - super embarrassing). But with porn - I just touch it and I'm good to go. This tells me my brain is seriously messed up and I my body responds to fake pornstars on screen over real women I can touch and feel. REBOOT NEEDED BADLY!

    I'm sick of this feeling and sick of jacking off in my bedroom coz i feel awful afterwards. I want to have great sex again with real relationships and real women and have a girlfriend. So my journey has started - I'm on day 3 now...it's really tough not gonna lie. Gonna go for 30 if possible.

    Glad sites like this exists in an internet full of smut which is so easy to get dragged into - I wish I had never discovered Porn.

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  2. @BuildBedroomStrength ,

    Welcome. You describe the problem perfectly.

    For me cleaning up my mind involved cleaning up my masturbation space. No lube, no sex toys, no internet devices in my room after bed. Also, Open DNS on my computer - I can take it off in a few minutes - but, that few minutes gives me time to think.

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  3. Krtvdw

    Krtvdw Fapstronaut
    NoFap Defender

    I can agree to this statement Bru!!!

    "Glad sites like this exists in an internet full of smut which is so easy to get dragged into - I wish I had never discovered Porn.". I wish that as well, but I am convinced, having read so many success stories on this site that one is able to reset the body and mind after a lengthy period of abstinence, that it is almost as if we never discovered it in the first place.

    Welcome to this site, and I have experienced a relief of being able to be 100% honest and open about the addiction and the darker side of me on here, having made some good friends and APs, this in the end is what makes for successful reboot.

    I rad this today, and it just got me emotional, as I have a wife and the way I have hurt her by looking at images for 17 years now... These types of NoFap truthful stories has made me believe!!


    You can do this!1
    Create a journal bru, journal everyday, be honest and open and I know everyday is one day closer to freedom!!
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  4. BuildBedroomStrength

    BuildBedroomStrength New Fapstronaut

    Agreed mate - I have blocked all my devices now and although it would only take a simple password to unblock, i think that gives me enough time to cool my jets and think about other things!

  5. BuildBedroomStrength

    BuildBedroomStrength New Fapstronaut

    Thanks I'll be sure to give that a read! It is so frustrating not being able to have sex with the real person infront of you so I can definitely see how you felt. Congratulations on your journey so far and good luck to us both!! I'm gonna try my best :)

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