Have I Messed Up?

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Is this a relapse?

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  1. So yesterday was kind of crazy for me and would like to know your opinions. Here’s a not-so quick recap for you:

    First, I got a semi-erection and even without touching I could feel that my penis is very sensitive. Unfortunately, I tend to be very self-conscious and obsess about things so I went on Reddit to see how to combat premature ejaculation and then I stumbled upon a blog about tantric sex. Well, as I was reading I got rock-hard (I mean hard as a baseball bat!), got incredibly aroused and started leaking a lot of pre-cum. After that I stumbled upon a pic of female genitalia and immediately noped the hell out. Then, I re-installed Tinder to check if I got any likes. Some hours later, just before going to sleep, I (for some reason that I don’t remember) decided to look up sex techniques. Unfortunately (What did I expect?), the article had some basic drawings of sex and I again got rock hard for ~10-20 minutes and I leaked a lot of pre-cum again and after that I went to sleep.

    Right now I feel like my libido is gone and my penis doesn’t really want to get hard. I feel like I have messed up big time and that I have relapsed.

    Did I relapse? Or was it just a slip? What do you guys think?
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    Its for you to decide edging is never good and will 99% lead to a relapse the following day. Try to learn from this mistake.
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