Have I relapsed?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Commitment, May 3, 2017.

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    Hello everyone! I am new to this group and I have not watched porn or masturbated in last one month. However I have did have sex with my partner a couple of times during this time. Additionally, we Have 'sexted' each other And done some 'naughty stuff' on FaceTime. Does this mean I broke the rule and does this count as a relapse. I did not mastubated during any of these sessions. Please advice.
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    I personally think that anything that's done with a real life partner does not count as a relapse. But that's just me.
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    it depends what you are trying to stay away from. a lot of guys are staying away from PMO which includes O for Orgasm. in that case yes you would have relapsed. but a lot of guys (predominantly those in long term relationships) are only abstaining from PM. which in that case you should be okay.
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    There is no relapse in sex with a girlfriend. Its good for rewiring. You had sex and you had no problems with ED, so continue. Obviously do not PM. If you do not come, do not M at all. Sex in my opinion is very good.

    There are members that are on here going to prostitute's, and that count's that as a relapse. If your not happy with the experience, you might start to M, it can easily trigger a relapse.

    I think sexing is okay because she is your girl friend. Its improves the relationship and leads to more sex. Your ED doesn't seem too bad, so continue. It will slow down the progress a little bit but overall NO PM will still rewire your porn urges. This doesn't count as a relapse. You got to live life a little. If you suffer from extreme ED then this will be out of the question. Delete the sexing messages once you read once. Do not read the texts over and over again (Very important)

    If it's a paid phone line then its very bad. It counts as a relapse. Your still using your imagination.

    I don't know what you mean by naughty stuff, M on facetime is a relapse. Nude should be okay. Again this is with a GF. I will look at her nude picture once. Try not to look at it too many times. Delete the pic's if possible. I personally believe its very important to delete.

    Not important but if you want faster re wiring then have a chat about sexing and face time. Keep the sex : )

    If you want faster rewiring then do less sexing and facetime but it's not really an issue. Your still re wiring if you don't PM. In my opinion this is not a relapse but I know every one differ's

    The most important thing for you is NO PM and continue on this journey.

    Well done!!!
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    Me personally think it is. Anything on a 2D screen, even if you know the person, is a relapse. Me for my reboot is to change my mindset entirely. After your reboot or 2 months minimum could be good to abstain from all stimulation.

    It's the same reason why people think one night stands are bad during your reboot. You're still craving those dopamine gates, and that's what you're trying to avoid doing.

    That's my take. Your reboot could be different.

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