Have people made any erectile progress and success this way?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Anonymous86, May 18, 2019.

  1. Anonymous86

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    By getting precum as a result of a non-sexual text message and kept it to a minimum?

    Does this count as a total relapse and ruins all progress? It's not like I do it frequently and it's not binging. I don't watch porn after and am not masturbating with my dick afterwards like a crazy dude. (no libido)

    Not that I want to do that mind you, but how do people keep up a long distance relationship this way?

    Do people just give up talking to a friend via text message because they get turned on slightly through text to reboot? What does one do here in these situations?

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  2. RamboErecto

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    After a week of no PMO, just by having dirty talk by text with females i get pain in the balls big time.

    In my experience it is really really bad.

    Too bad to give up all type of sexual behaviors during the reboot. I just cant take it.
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  3. Anonymous86

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    I am not even talking dirty and getting precum. The precum as a result of a text message even happens when we don't talk dirty.

    You're right though, it causes blue balls and I've felt it.

    IDK what to do right now concerning this issue...does it really hurt me big time? It's not like I'm binging.

    Does one break off any relationship if this happens?

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