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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by darkmaiden97, Sep 22, 2018.

  1. darkmaiden97

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    Hello dear fapstronauts, it's good to be back, it's Day 6 of my nofap Challenge, I feel great, but the urges come outta now here.
    Okay, first of all, it's midnight 12:40 am, couple of minutes ago I had the urge to play porn games, it's kinda weird cuz when I've been fighting with porn and fapping, I got from one addiction to another, so, I visited that website full of porn games and started to download them on my phone, when I installed first game, one thought came to my mind, I entered Google, and got here, I saw some dudes talking about porn games and how bad they are, I started to feel afraid and removed all games, I didn't play them at all, but installed only one, I didn't gave up, first big success.

    Anyway, during this 6 day streak, I noticed I got severe headache and my stomach started to behave strange, so I have few questions I need to ask you, here they are:

    - What do you think of porn games, do they make relapse like porn movies and fapping.
    - Did I relapse if I visited website full of porn games, installed porn game but didn't play it? I believe I didn't. (sorry for such a dumb question)
    - Is it normal to have severe headache during nofap?
    - Is it normal to have stomach problems during nofap?
    - How to deal with sexual thought, for example about women, sex and relationship?
    - Does fantasizing hinder nofap gain and makes rewiring longer?
    Is it possible to gain weight because of nofap?
    - Is it okay to have morning wood in the morning and no wet dreams?
    What's the best and essential tip/tips to stay longer on nofap streak?
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  2. vxlccm

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    You define your own program, bro. But, to me, no porn games. Lately, I've decided to stay away from M games with triggering stuff, too.

    Fantasizing never helped me one bit and tended to either lead to resetting a streak or close calls. Plenty of other wholesome things to think about. When we transmute all that energy into a creative outlet, it's amazing what mankind can accomplish :)
  3. darkmaiden97

    darkmaiden97 Fapstronaut


    So basically playing porn games is not counted as a relapse?
    If I visited that website, downloaded those shitty games, installed one of them, but didn't play it, does it count as relapse? Personally, I believe and I know I didn't relapse, but I'm afraid asf because I can lost all gain. I'm trying to be on Monk Mode, luckily it works, with some problems like porn games.
  4. vxlccm

    vxlccm Fapstronaut

    Depends on your goals, man. My goals, I can't do that. (Part of that is I'm married.) My suggestion is you were right to not play it. You corrected the action. Not necessarily a reset. But, keep working on staying clear of all that stuff would be my advice, for sure. Because that helped me a lot.

    What other hobbies you got? You lift? Your avatar dude is ripped, so just guessing. Go kill it at the gym when the urges are there, use time wisely and you'll become even more awesome at things.
  5. darkmaiden97

    darkmaiden97 Fapstronaut

    My main goal is to get rid of porn and masturbation addiction, basically, I'm going monk mode, it means no porn, NoFap, no fantasizing or sexual thoughts, I didn't play those games because I realized I can waste my progress. Yup, I'm lifting.
  6. For me, that'd be a relapse. My general advice would be, that you must stay true to yourself. Would you be comfortable with others watching you play porn games? Is that the person you want to be? A dude who allows himself play porn games? Most likely not. So stay true to yourself, recognize when something hinders your recovery and stop doing that.

    I don't know. I've never experienced that. Do you drink enough water? By enough, I mean at least 2.5L a day. Also, do you eat healthy? Lots of veggies, beans, lentils, couscous, quinoa etc. you name it. Perhaps your diet needs a fix? Check it.

    I think awareness is the key factor here. Try to be aware of your actions and thoughts. Direct both of those things towards the person you'd like to be. Don't waste time. E.g. when in front of the computer, don't simply wait until you browse nsfw stuff, instead be proactive and use the device for something useful. Again, the same with thoughts when looking at women. Use your brain for something useful, e.g. studying a new language for example.

    Again, perhaps related to your diet thing.


    Awareness. Have your mantra, that you ask yourself during the day. A mantra that helps you stick to your routine and useful habits. E.g. "I'm aware of my thoughts and actions" could be one.
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  7. darkmaiden97

    darkmaiden97 Fapstronaut


    Thanks bud, I needed to know what other thinks, especially about porn games, yesterday I almost played them, but I didn't, so I don't count it as relapse, because I didn't play them. I have problems with headache, because I had it everytime when I started new nofap streak, the same thing is with sexual thoughts and fantasizing, it's Day 6 for me right now, and I started to control my thoughts, but that headache came outta nowhere.
  8. Mattew

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    -Yes they obviously make a relapse, it's porn.
    -You obviously relapse, you are watching porn, the fact you ask the question means you don't understand what you are doing already, watch more material on the damages of pornography.
    -Try not to engage in them, the more you abstain from pmo, the weaker those thought become.
    -Yes, try to fantasize the less as possible, but the important thing is to abstain from pmo, that alone will do.
    -I don't think is possible to gain weight becouse of NoFap, to the contrary, many Fapstronauts report a weight loss becouse of the mentality change.
    -I don't even understand the question, you're asking if it's ok having morning wood?
    -The best essential tip to stay longer on NoFap is not watching porn and not fapping.
  9. Basic Plains

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    If porn is in the title it probably safe to stay clear from. What a relapse is, is up to you depending on what you have set up before hand. As far as ruels go, if it feels wrong it probably is. And when In doubt, don’t do it!

    As far as headaches go, I’m not sure how to help. Hope it gets better for you dude!

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