Have you ever been disclosed as a NoFap member?

Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by galaxim, Oct 4, 2015.

  1. galaxim

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    Hi! I've read here many times of people commenting something along these lines "I'm afraid to give private information, because someone might recognize me". I feel the same way, but I was wondering... has it ever happened to anyone, to be stopped on the street by someone shouting "Ah! You're the NoFap guy!". I'm leaving out the users that have a personal picture (http://www.tineye.com/) or their real names and surnames (Google).
  2. yousuff

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    Not yet but i surely would disclose myself oneday and suggest to sign up for this. You know: I am on the mode of unfuckwithable
  3. freedomwarrior

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    OK, I am lost. This sounds intriguing, but not understanding how tin eye is used or what you would expect to find. More info or suggestions, please.

  4. Jen@8675309

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    Tineye is a reverse image lookup tool. Basically, you right click a photo you see online, and run a search on it, and tineye will then show you a number of other places online that it found the picture. Google does reverse image searches too. You can track down who people are if you find their photo linked back to their facebook page, etc. I frequent a chat site and I use these tools quite often just to be sure that people who are they say they are, or at least don't have fake profiles, pictures, etc. To be clear, I don't try to ascertain people's identities, I just make sure that their photos don't link back to stock image sites or porn sites.
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  5. rabbitz

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    Don't think anybody would care really if they found out I was a fapsternaut, it would not surprise them at all.
  6. Chef Boy

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    No and I highly doubt it's happened to anyone given that it's a relatively small forum compared to the vast world in which we live.
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  7. lionace

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    This is an interesting topic.

    I've told many people about my PMO issues and the circle is still growing.
    To me this is part of my personal recovery, a way to ascertain myself that I am not ashamed of what/how I am.
    OFC I wouldn't talk about those matters to co-workers or my boss but on the other hand I am not afraid of what would happen if somebody told them.
    If someone wanted to chase me down in internet I'd honestly give a damn.

    Took me a long time though to develop that attitude, and I wish for you that you will soon find an approach that feels okay for you, too.
    And admittedly, I'm still undecided if I will ever tell my parents about this...
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  8. No, but if I would I would not be ashamed of it. I might even mention it myself if conversation with my friends somehow happens to go in direction of porn addiction or NoFap. We should not be ashamed of our addictions or that we are working on developing more healthy mind and sexuality. Being ashamed of talking with others about our addictions and problems is part of a problem itself. It's harder to deal with those things alone than if you have emotional support. And if your friends would make fun of that I would argue you need to find more mature people to hang around with.
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  9. davidhartford

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    I am not ashamed, but wouldn't want friends colleagues to know that I was always masturbating before.
    People may think your carpet has sperm all over it, or if you say you are staying in they probably think you need a wank.
  10. Empowered528

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    This is an interesting topic that I sort of struggled with this morning. But then I got to working it out in my mind; it's fear, it's our inner demons preaching to us that we should hide who we are (currently). Only by facing our inner demons and exposing them to a small circle like this forum and whomever we might run into that might discover our healing process will those demons subside within our deepest thoughts. In fact I believe we actually heal in the process. Reason I say this was this morning I had to set up my nofop counter and google asked if I was willing to share my email and personal info. I thought to myself what if all my gmail contacts knew I was one of "those guys". Ten minutes later, I realized it's my inner demons working to keep me in the dark (fear) and by not overcoming this fear, how will I ever overcome this addiction. Hope this helps.
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  11. Nah, but I do talk about nofap whenever I get the chance.
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