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  1. Hi, this is my first try on nofap. I'm on day 25. I'm doing it on hardmode. Before the nofap I had kind of social anxiety. Nowdays if anything stressful happen to me I become excited. For example i was in the post office today and I had to wait a bit. My heart began beat very fast, fast breathing and I felt like I'm close to an orgasm. I had to sit down. But in such a situation I often have nausea too. So sometimes it is kind of good but bad also. Has anybody similar situation?
  2. you have done it tooooooo much in your entire life. Go for a 90 day noPMO streak. That might fix you , depending on how many years you have been addicted to it.
    I am addicted for almost 6 years solid . I have been trying to fix things for 1 year now.
    I also used to feel that kind of thing (like i am about to shoot/have an O ) .
    I went for 90 days twice , 50 days , now going for 300 days. :)
    Please , stop it or you will loose it
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    meditate it will help you to control your breath and control over your mind
  4. I have been porn addicted for more than ten years. I'm 28 but I can not remember when I started the "business". Funny thing is I realized that as a bad thing just a few weeks ago. I felt like it's a normal thing. o_O How do you do it when you are not on nofap?
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    I guess that's like social anxiety but it seems quite unusual. Are you diagnosed with anything by a psychiatrist? They may be able to help you with that.
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    See it like this:
    Porn is always done in the darkness / seclusion. But porn also store all the energy inside of us.
    As soon as we are in the light (for example: in a group of other people) the real emotions wants to come out.
    If that "real emotions" is a lot of suppressed stuff, yes I can understand that your heart beat will be sky high.
  7. I did not talk to a psychologist yet. But when I started nofap the first few days was very good. I felt like I dont have this problem anymore. But nowdays it is coming back stronger and I also have very strong urges. I think porn has a big role in it. Thats why I started nofap. Maybe I can fix my problem trough nofap. Porn is not the thing what is missing, I just feel I'm full of semen and should come out. I have an increased heart rate if I only sit at home many times. But I'm almost absolutely sure about it is because of nofap. I'm a triathlete. I can run 10km or bike 100km without problem so I don't think my heart has a problem...
  8. I am always on noFap :)

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