Have you ever experienced this?

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Is this expected to happen?

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  1. From my journal:
    "7th day. I'm almost climbing the walls. I feel like I REALLY need to PMO. I thought about: "1 time per week wont do you any harm", but then I remembered about the times I relapsed and couldn't stop PMOing for some days. Then, I went to read YBOP. I think I'm fine for now. I've done some research and read than at the 7th day the testosterone level gets to a peak. Maybe that's the reason. I've read also that the 7th day urge is normal, and that after the 7th day, the urges begin to get less often. Have you ever experienced that?
    Sometimes, I catch myself playing with my penis without I even notice! It's been happening since the beginning of the streak. I'm using the computer, and start to "massage" it. When I notice I'm doing this, I stop, but it happens really often. Is this normal?"
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    It will get easier.
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