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  1. Money_Sh.1512

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    Does anyone here ever had experienced this thing in their life which i am gonna tell.

    Since very long time i have been experiencing very weird thing in my body. Sometimes i during dreaming in night, story in dream in such a way that every time any person crushes my testicles, punch on my testicles, kick on my testicles or something related to this. And after that i feel the pain in reality. As soon as after punch or kick, i feel the pain in reality and suddenly wakes up. Pain automatically vanishes.
    It always happens with me occasionally.
    Does anyone else feel the same?
    Please tell me something more about the same if you have knowledge regarding the same.
  2. Roady

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    Did you ever watch porn with this theme?
    Do you have issues with female domination?
    Is domination an issue of your life?
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