Haven't had s. in 1 year, I would like dating and s again

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  1. i was a s. and p. addict (i am a 26 y/o girl). last time i had s. was 1 year ago with my last ex

    i would like to date a guy that treats me good and then have s. with him. someone that i like the body (with some muscles, i like some guys at my gym but people don't pick up at my gym and i don't wanna "kill my gym". it could be dangerous dating someone at the place where i go often. it could be awkward bumping into someone i dated), that i get along, makes me feel good and i want to see him. that is it

    with my reboot, i get attracted to few guys. and I cannot date a guy with whom I have no s. attraction. I can't do it. i don't have the physical urge to have s. but i feel after a year and i am 26 i would want to do that again.to get back at life fully you know. i am recovered now

    tomorrow i will go to a house party. chance to meet new people so also guys. i get attracted only to muscular guys. now i need to reach a high level of attraction for guys otherwise i have no attraction at all. I feel one of the best ways to meet guys is through mutual friends

    Any advice? above all from others NoFap that are dating while rebooting and get their feedbacks. i barely remember what dating and s. feels like
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    I understand. I too long for different type of sex than the one I know. Mine is never normal
  4. I long for sex actually. I would like to feel that again

    What do you mean with yours is never normal? Are you a 's. Addict?

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