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Haven't had sex in like 6 months !

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Deleted Account, Aug 22, 2020.

  1. Man the last time I got laid was right when quarantine started. I haven't talked to literally any girl from that time in a sexual way. I started going out more to be more out there but I literally freeze every time I see a pretty girl I want to talk to. I'm a good looking guy, I work hard on my body and face regime but I am so insecure for some reason. Why am I so scared?!
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  2. seaguy44

    seaguy44 Moderator Assistant

    Know the feeling. My last sex was on Valentine's Day. It's not easy.

    You are attracted to women. you are hardwired so it's natural to feel nervous around women. Especially beautiful women. VERY normal to feel that. I'd put my anxieties aside and just get to know the woman herself with no expectations. Be yourself. Good Luck! Dating and Sex is hard during the quarantine.
  3. Thanks for the kind words brotha, you gave some sound advice, setting no expectations is a great mindset to go into talking to them
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  4. Last time I kissed a girl I was 22 my friend. I will be 25 in november.
    Fear can ruin your life. I know it.
    But just do it. You have no problem.
    You just need to gain the momentum again.
    First little step. Talk to them also not sexually.
    Then do the next step, and you will be back in no time ;)
  5. I overthink in my head way too much sometimes and let inaction take over. baby steps is the way to go, thanks for the advice, my goal is to just approach one girl this week and well go from there.
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  6. You work hard on your body. You do a regime. Why? For girls, or for yourself?

    I think you are scared and anxious simply because you put women on a pedestal, thinking that they are the key for your happiness or well-being.

    Do your things. Find your path. But for fuck sake, don't chase women.

    Don't be hungry for sex. You still have the attitude of a lost virgin with no goals in mind.
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  7. badhou3a

    badhou3a Fapstronaut

    nothing wrong ,you didn't lose anything or got hurt you talk like sex is an essential thing to live.
  8. Ghost79

    Ghost79 Fapstronaut

    All women hate me so you cant be in a possible worst situations then I am.
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  9. SeaChange

    SeaChange Fapstronaut

    Try not to be so focused on you not having had sex in so long. You're creating a self fulfilling prophecy when you do that ie you haven't had sex with women recently because you're so nervous around them and you're so nervous around them because you haven't had sex recently. That'll only dig you deeper into a hole. It's great that you have workout and face routines, but why do you do them? Is it because they're good for you in the long term or because you expect short term results in terms of sexual gratification? Make sure your life is centered around improving yourself for YOU, not anybody else.
  10. Minsc

    Minsc Fapstronaut

    I have not had sex in six years.
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  11. Oldfart_v2

    Oldfart_v2 Fapstronaut

    I'm at five but for other reasons. Have nerve damage in my back so it's just not worth it. Been building a car over the years and it's got my attention. On enough meds to kinda kill my drive. Luckily a bit as returned since I lost weight,quit smoking and drinking and pmo. Feeling good,past day 18. Now I m looking for the right girl instead so missing out on sex isn't a deal breaker. Too old for kids anyways lol
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  12. Belching_Booch

    Belching_Booch Fapstronaut

    Pfft those are rookie numbers. Try two years...
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  13. Is this becoming a competition?
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  14. LOL try 22 years meu amigo

    It is now
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  15. Well then I offer 24 years ;),and they will be 25 in few months apparently ;)
  16. Only if you allow it
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  17. Tommy34

    Tommy34 Fapstronaut

    any particular face regime you recommend?
  18. I haven't slept with anyone in 6 months either and am good looking aswell. I think that you might be overthinking things. maybe take yourself off market for a lil bit and come back with a bang. haha
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  19. magic05

    magic05 Fapstronaut

    I think sex is the only basic need that can't physically kill you.

    All the other basic needs (sleeping, food, water, clothes, shelter) will kill you at some point, if not fulfilled.

    But lack of sex will certainly fuck you up mentally, like tons of thousands of users here in this forum can testify to. It can't kill you physically though, even if you'd watch 16 hours of porn a day and stay a virgin forever.

    6 months is comparably like nothing. I didn't have sex for 6 years because of PIED.

    Don't make your life dependent on sex. Essentially it's just a lame, arbitrary physical act between two people. It's not the most important thing on earth. Yes, it's what all of us humans are built and created for, biologically it's our only sole purpose to exist, but before that we have to get in charge of other things.

    It's very important to work on your social circle, social activities and dating women, but before that you need to get in charge of other priorities like:

    1) Fix your health (proper sleep, go to the gym 1-3x a week, get rid of other substance addictions first and foremost if they exist, if you suffer from any legal or illegal drug addictions it's the first priority to tackle this problem, otherwise you stand no chance at all, I say this so explicitly because myself and many others deal with those addictions as well and step 2/3/4 are entirely senseless if you are not sober from drugs)
    2) Fix your finances (proper job, good work-life balance, have your own flat)
    3) Fix your social circle and activities (satisfying amount of friends, lots of satisfying outside social activities)

    Combine all of this with starting to dating women and you will succeed on the sex eventually.

    Don't give a shit about sex until then. Think about yourself. Think about your ego. This is priority number 1. Sex and dating is only like priority number 4.
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  20. Belching_Booch

    Belching_Booch Fapstronaut

    Excellent post and advice. I'm working on 2 & 3 at the moment.

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