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    Okay, I haven't reset yet.

    But I am super stressed between having too much work to get done and not enough time, having a bunch of personal tasks to take care of (that seems like too much to do with not enough time) and seeing my wife fairly stressed out as she braces for her old boss to return to the office (her boss was away for an extended period of time), and a bunch of other problems I've got going out on out there.

    I've realized that fapping has been my goto when I'm stressed because that's what I so badly really want to do right now... and I would, but my family is still asleep upstairs and could catch me if I tried to do it right now (as they'll all be waking up soon). So I'm all good :)

    But I can't believe how strong my urge is to just "take care of business" because of all this anxiety I am feeling over everything.

    Deep breath, deep breath, deep breath....
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    PMO was one of the ways I dealt with anxiety, as well. It worked for a while, until it started to cause more problems than it solved. I can't blame you for the temptation to go back to it, and I'm glad you came here instead.

    I've got a main suggestion and a smaller, auxiliary suggestion. The main suggestion is that you plan to come to this forum every day, to read and post, and meet people online. I've done it for over a year, and it's been helping me.

    The auxiliary suggestion is to start a journal. Write in it regularly, and, as you meet people, they're likely to go to check in and see how you;re doing (that's been my experience). The support has been a lot of help.

    Good luck. Do the next right thing.
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