Havent talked to a girl since 4 years

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by redditnamedmelikethis, Oct 27, 2019.

  1. redditnamedmelikethis

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    I am currently 21 and study in med school but girls dont talk to me because i am fat,miserable etc. I have been fapping at average 3 times per day for the last 5 years.please help me I dont want this to continue
  2. Get_It

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    Dam dude, thats a lot of fapping. I bet you feel depressed from that massive brain fog?
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  3. athlean

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    Focus solely on yourself, by improving yourself on every aspect of life (career, hobbies, health, wealth etc.) you will become more attractive to women, so by attracting women, you have to start with yourself. Dont even bothre focusing on women, eventually, you've upgraded yourself alot through hard work and women will approach you or at the very least you will have more confidence to approach them.

    One of the many things that you are needed to do is stop watching porn (PMO), it's a small step towards a greater life!
  4. redditnamedmelikethis

    redditnamedmelikethis Fapstronaut

    Thanks man
  5. athlean

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    I am very simplistic on this matter: you can only become succesful by hard work, dedication and discipline
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  6. Branchman

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    Live day by day. Do you want pornography steal your life? You can stop this, the final desicion is yours, you have the power and the hability to stop fapping. If you don't believe that, PMO will take your life.
    I've seen nice girls with fat and ugly men, so that doesn't stop you from beeing with somebody, people like to be with funny and self condince people.
    But why do you think that form yourself? God doesn't makes trash, you should see the wonderfull creation from God you are! And if you think you're fat, you can get in shape.
    I know that medicine is one of the most hardest careers, but why don't you try excersicing yourself.
  7. TheLightOne

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    I wish I was in med school. The best chicks round there. What the fuck you doing here being fat ? Loose weight and come back telling us how many u banged. Imagine I was in IT where there were 160 man, no girls. You are in heaven.
  8. Believe me, the fat part doesn’t matter. The miserable part does.

    There’s a really hot blonde at my work place who has been dating a fat guy. They now live together. To be crude, this guy is a round mound. BUT his attitude is outstanding, everyone loves being around this guy. He’s upbeat, cheerful, and makes everyone feel great after interacting with him.

    Your inner qualities are what’s important. Work on that first.
  9. learn to love yourself and your life will change
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  10. WanderTruth

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    If you are in med school; why dont make a group study(first with boys and then the girls). Studying together gives u the chance to talk to girls and stop u from PMOing. Problems solved.
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  11. Rahab

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    Believe me: in this world are fat people out there having hot girlfriends because they are satisfied with that what they have. Women can smell if someone is unhappy with oneself and avoid them.
    If you don't like your body how it is actually than change it: make gym, eat healthy etc. And don't push yourself that hard.
    And even it is hard: try to get another habit which covers yours. It can help to decrease PMO if you do it routine.
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  12. BeastBoyBalling 獣

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    I talk everyday. So what? Am I better than you ? No.
    You are fat. I am athlete. So what ? Am I better than you? No.

    Preparation is the way .

    Just cause you are not in the SOCIAL VIEWS of A MAN WHO IS APPEALING to women, doesn't mean you are not a MAN.

    Be a man . Build character . F they talking 'bout .

    Act now . ( staying masturbating and doing nothing is no good. If meds school is someone else dream, do something else )

    But act .
  13. itz_gioc

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    I use to be in your position bro... I was fat and miserable. I lost weight but I still ended up PMO’ing. Did it make a difference socializing with women. The answer is no. Personality and confidence is what women prefer. Learn to be positive around people. If someone brings you down one day. Who tf cares stay vigilant my dude. Your a man. The women will come and they will go. This journey isn’t about the women. It’s about you. So what are you gonna do about it?
    Focus on your interests. And one day a woman will want to share the same experiences with you. Be patient. And work hard. If you apply eating healthy, exercise, and cold/mild showers then you will see quicker results.

    Why am I telling you this.. I’m not even studying medicine lol.
  14. klaris

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    try to be positive! then no one will see what you look like, believe me, people will be drawn to you.
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