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    I see myself as a quite confident guy; I don't worry a lot nor do I spend a lot of time doubting or being pessimistic about myself, quite the opposite can be said actually... but despite all that I find myself being anxious for no particular reason that I can rationalise with, happening at random times during the day/night.

    Usually this would happen the most on days I would relapse, where after a few days of abstinence the feelings of anxiety would subside slowly. So my question is could this be a placebo or is there an actual direct connection with PMOing and feelings of anxiety as a whole? And I'm not talking about performance anxiety here or PIED either, I'm talking about this unusual feeling of having your body being uncomfortable/agitated but can't really explain why. Is it just me or does anyone else get what I'm talking about?
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    After every relapse I feel like less motivated and anxious.At the end of the day I was totally angry about what was I doing with my life.PMO induces anxiety depression and other effects.
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  3. Possibly a withdrawl symptom. I have anxiety, particularly in the mornings, which is slowly improving.
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    Are you thinking big?
    Is there anything that is going to happen in the near future that is stressing you out?
    Are you touching on a past traumatic experience?
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    Not really I mean I used to dwell about the past a lot but I hardly ever do that now
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    I want to throw something at you that you may or may not have considered before.

    Have you had a blood panel taken, specifically to measure your hormones?

    Many guys today have hypogonadism, due to a variety of possible causes, and can receive hormone optimization treatment that is covered by insurance.

    I only mention this because underlying anxiety issues are a common symptom and its worth looking into your own health, even if it turns out everything is fine.
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    I actually have gotten myself tested and my results came all fine. My thoughts is that it may have to do with signs of withdrawals as I usually experience these feelings of inner restleness/agitation on days that I relapse. Generally after 2 days of abstinence those feelings subsides quite a bit.
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