Having gay thoughts?

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    Alright guys. I don't want to talk about this with my parents of my friends, so I figured i could talk to you guys. I'm 14 years old, if that helps to explain any of this.
    So recently ive been having these random gay thoughts. I've always been attracted to women, and have a girl in mind atm who I might have a crush on. So these thoughts are a little weird.

    I have nothing against the LGBTQ community, and I will gladly defend any member against the evil that is homophobia.

    Today I decided to test myself. I allowed myself to fantasize first about gay sex. I had little reaction, no erection. But the second I switched over to heterosexual sex, I started to get one. So that gave me some clarity.

    I've had a history of random intrusive thoughts. I'm sure every human has weird messed up thoughts that nobody talks about lol. But recentl these gay thoughts have been more and more consistent. Ive read about HOCD and such, but I just really want a direct response.

    Summary: having intrusive gay thoughts even tho I'm still sexually attracted to females. 14 years old, possible stage of puberty?
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    It doesn't mean anything. A thought is just a thought. Live and appreciate your life. When you are on a high building and you look at the void, even if you think about jumping doesn't mean you are suicidal. It's the same here.

    The thought in itself is irrelevant, it's how you react to it (consciously or subconsciously/ physically or emotionally) that will give you the answers you seek.

    My piece of advice.
    Don't stress on it, if you attach negative emotions to your thoughts you might hurt yourself psychologically. Instead breath and ask yourself, what does it makes you feel (body sensation like crispation in a muscle).

    You can start meditation so you can learn to detach yourself from your thoughts. It helps you to become aware of the meaning of the thought. (the application called calm helped me a lot to get started).
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    Wow, thank you for the response! I've been really stressing about it lately, which is probably why they keep coming up. I'l try meditation out. Thank you for the advice!
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  4. The thoughts will pass man.. no need to worry... had the same issue at age 14....
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  5. I also did. Just keep fighting this fight against PMO and your mind will clear.
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    Thanks guys! Been feeling better lately. aopreciate the encouragements!
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    might be sign of insecure or fear of pleasing the woman you have in mind. as u said, ur 14, the great confusion has just begun for u now. be strong and dont give fuck abt those thoughts.

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