having sex but feeling very bad for few days

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    So I have sex every weekend, but I feel like I am near depression, I feel very low confident, I feel irratable all the time and paranoid about relationship.
    Is it flatline or something else?
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    Recently I told my gf that sometimes I get a little anxious and that state of mind leads me to think she is cheating on me. Speaking from that experience, I can recommend that you talk about that part to your SO. They'll more than likely be understanding about it. No you're not whining. You just probably care about your SO and don't want yourself getting hurt. Guess what, we're all like that. It's a part of being human :)

    In regards to the other things, I wish you luck in finding out how to desk with them. Speaking from personal experience, it helps to do something that puts you into a 'flow' state (a state of mind where you're focused on something you like doing). Personally I can feel myself in flow when I'm doing some Spanish homework or on Duolingo. When you're in flow you don't have the time to feel bad.

    The other thing I'd recommend is getting outside of your head. It doesn't have to be too taxing. Focusing on doing 10 really good pushups is enough I find.

    Good luck!
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