Having thoughts about coworker (who has a BF) every ten seconds

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by RobinCoenBrosFan, Sep 27, 2019.

  1. RobinCoenBrosFan

    RobinCoenBrosFan Fapstronaut

    Not always sexual, but very often sexual. Is this just “human nature,” or is this problematic where I need to slow the fuck down and stop? Seems as if my brain won’t shut up.

    We are great friends and like each other a lot and have a lot in common. We’ve never seen each other outside of work, but one side of me is even wondering if she may end up cheating on him with me; she can tend to be kind of flirty at times (probably not, but idk, she said she’d cheated on a past boyfriend of hers—some of her scruples are kind of questionable tbh but I still like her).

    Can I control this while still being friends with her?
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  2. bluemax4

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    I think that's just natural when you fancy someone. I wouldn't try fighting those thoughts, just don't act on them while she has a BF.
  3. Kakarot_2694

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    Not cool man..don't get in between relationships... imagine what it'd like to be if you were in the boyfriend's shoes and some guy is trying to make a move on your girl...
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  4. RobinCoenBrosFan

    RobinCoenBrosFan Fapstronaut

    As I said before, we’re only friends. And this is a lonely city to live in so I’m thankful for her friendship and am perfectly content with keeping it as just that, despite a man’s feelings still being what they are, they can still accept reality. In fact the boyfriend is the only reason why I DON’T do that (actually act on my emotions). But even if she were single I would be smart enough to take it extremely slow.

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