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    Full disclosure, only been through the first page of this thread so far:

    They're heavy words and I'm sure it was hard to hear for him but they're not abusive nor vindictive nor demeaning. It's her truth. He's going to have to hear it no matter how it feels for him.

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    I did not say the words to HIM , in that way . I wouldn’t want to make him feel worse than he already does . Just as you read some SO and cringe , I can tell you I’ve read thousands more from PA that make me want to actually vomit . But I learn a lot in here . This addiction sux for all attached to it
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    @Augustin Are you in either category? Your profile is restricted and you're somewhat new here or at least an infrequent poster.

    Please don't conduct research on the PAs and SOs as responses to the threads they've started reaching out for support. If you have a question and want better understanding, please post your own thread.

    At least that's the way I see it, it's really @Qnb42078 call to make that request.

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  4. Augustin, help us out here! I think we really want to know how to assist you. I know I do. I am perplexed with this post. It's clear that something is needed and that's why the commentary continues.

    Ok. For instance, I know there are a ton of people talking about politics somewhere right now. I personally LOATHE political discussions...therefore I stay out of them. There has been points in time when, in an attempt to understand an aspect of someone's political opinion, I have engaged in political conversation with someone. I want to be able to answer any question you have I'm just having a hard time finding what the issue is. Are you willing to share what has brought you to this particular post? I know that you didn't just close your eyes and randomly type something thus ending up here. Why this post? Why the continuation? You can be brutally honest. We can't survive this PA and SO world without brutal honesty. I'm actually very interested in what your thoughts are and what brought you here in specifics.
  5. I'm just going to flat out ask...did someone leave you because of PMO? OR also, I've thought that maybe you might be thinking about having a relationship but thinking that you don't want to deal with a SO like the ones you are talking to in here?
  6. This nut isn't cracking. I must move on. :)
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  7. We are here for you also. Please don't doubt that there is enough support here to help you figure out what you are facing and enough love to see you through it. We are all here for you too! We are not the enemy, that I promise. We are the friends you have been searching for that lead you to post here. We are the people who can understand and help and are glad to do that. Please don't forget these things.
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