Healthy Male Ejaculation Cycle?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Gambitzx, Sep 27, 2016.

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    I'm surprised there is no answer to this (that I can find anyway) in our current age of scientific research

    I thinking periods of abstinence and sexual purification, physically and psychologically, are great for spiritual growth, will power, and productivity. But I also reserve the idea that it may not be healthy, psychologically or physically for someone to go from masturbating every day to extremely long timeframes of holding there semen.

    I used to practice NoFap and I'm getting back into it. When I used to NoFap I would go into it with the intention of going as long as I possibly could with out fapping, usually at about 3-4 weeks I would feel like I just had to do it.

    Maybe there is a natural cycle for men that is healthy for them to refrain and then release, and this cycle might be different for everyone, but it seems like for most men about month seems like a reasonable time frame?.

    Is there anybody on here who just jacks off about once a month is happy with this level of challenge is not being drove insane by trying to take on too much?
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    I haven't ejaculated in over 15 months. I feel just fine. My testicles haven't exploded or anything, and my penis seems to function properly in every other way.

    I have no issue for someone who ascribes spiritual value to these matters, except that I see the matter differently. But I would suggest being clear about what really is demonstrated by science. Other than some controverted claims about the prostate benefiting from periodic ejaculation, is there actually any science to support a claim that a man "needs" to ejaculate periodically?
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  3. I can't say I agree with you. When I first started nofap I had a streak of a couple of months and I felt like I was full of life. I had stopped cold turkey and it was an amazing experience. Ejaculations, even from wet dreams gave me slight fatigue for a day and took away some of my energy. Now I'm mostly getting streaks of about a week and I get quite heavy fatigue after ejaculating.

    I don't belive ejaculating can be healthy, atleast in terms of mental health. Your not adding anything to your body, only taking away and I also doubt there is a healthy cycle. Let your body regulate it itself by reabsorbing it and through wet dreams.
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    I don't think much about a magic number of orgasms to achieve peak performance (if there was such a thing, the magic number for me would be 0 or a negative number) but I believe that more than the orgasm itself, its the setting where it happens what gives it a meaning. I have had sex with a hooker after a streak of 30 days and the result was almost as disgusting as watching porn alone in my room. In fact, I have felt more of a man after receiving a hug from a female friend than having an adventure with a stranger. Therefore, I can only imagine orgasms being useful in a committed relationship, to strengthen the bond, instead of just scratching an itch or giving in to a craving.
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    The timeframe or frequency that a man "needs" to ejaculate is variable by person. The human body is truly a marvel of being able to regulate itself. When you need more blood, you make more. When you need to eat, you feel hungry. When you have to pee, you'll wet yourself. When you NEED to ejaculate, your body will take care of it for you - that's the point of wet dreams. Anyone using a "need" to ejaculate as an excuse to masturbate is fooling themselves. I'm not saying that masturbating is always bad, but if you're going to do it, do it knowing that you are doing it because you WANT to, not because you think you NEED to.
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    I agree with this in regards to masturbating, but what if you're in a relationship? Not having sex is one sure way to kill it. Not to mention that sex together is a big part of intimacy. That said, my experiments with semen retention this year have led me to realize banging someone two or three days a day isn't healthy. So then, what? Really good and intimate sex once a week? What would be ideal?
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    Humans need to orgasm.

    It's not about starving your body of dopamine completely. That's enough to drive you crazy.

    It's about balance.

    When and how and under what circumstances, is more important.

    Stop fapping, unless in the presence of another person. Even then, encourage them to do the work. I've had times where this was the only thing I couldn't let go of. I still had the urge to grab my junk, even when having stopped PMO completely.

    Get things back to how they were meant to be.

    Control your addiction.

    Quit P or M or PMO if necessary for you.
  8. Septimus

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    I don't know about that. Lots of people, down through the ages, have gone long periods without ejaculating.

    No question the human race needs it, in order to reproduce. But I don't see that any individual "needs" it.

    That said, I don't agree with those who say there's something unhealthy about it. I'm sorry, but that's silly. It's a perfectly normal, natural thing the body does. It's a question of it's right place and time -- as you say, in a relationship. Balance.

    That I agree with.
  9. The sun is the limit

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    For me the big difference is the quality: I compare it with alcohol: once in a while a beer, a glass of wine or two, or a cocktail is no problem when you enjoy. The problem starts when you start suppressing problems with it. And of course after having an addiction the story is also a different: you are then always in a danger of falling back into an addiction. So the challenge is to watch the quality: am I enjoying it or is it an addiction, suppressing problems.

    And regarding the quantity of ejaculations, I believe in what I read in a book by Mantak Chia: in different ages, the quantity is different. For my age (40) its recommended 10 days between ejaculations. For the other ages I dont remember, younger can more often, older less, and I think from 60 or 65 upwards never. But that is no dogma, just a starting recommendation for a healthy man without an addiction history.

    In the end every human is an individual and has to find his way.

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