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    NSFW : Sorry I didn't read all the posts.So I'm going to say my POV pls I don't want to be responsible of you getting back to PMO: All depends on the persons, but if you are here it's because you have a problem with it. Sure I'm over 100 days but it doesn't make me stable. There are persons that really enjoy their lives or don't have a problem with PMO. Well I'm not now that I started this challenge I'm no more spending my time on unhealthy stuff, no more regrets. There is only one thing that troubles me: Once I will have sex won't it be like a drug, will I have to have sex because I don't want to PMO. I don't want to do that to any girl because I do give a fuck like most of people: I saw my friends losing their girlfriend and they did PMO after this. The only things that counts is that we're happy but I also project myself in the future: Once I will make it will I have to chase the sex again. Do I have to be a virgin all my life. When you don't O it all comes out with wet dreams. Sure I'm attracted to girls but I don't want to be dependant, it's like the M stuff...
    I think you have to be strong and keep yourself busy: thanks to work friends and all these things, but sexual thoughts come were you are alone but I thing it's possible.
    That was my point of you: Do the things that you tolerate, if you PMO and then you feel like shit then you wouldn't be here so resist and fight!
    I'm going to list the benefits of NOFAP to me:
    -I'm way more attentive to girls
    -More attractive to girls
    -Do more intellectual stuff.
    -Don't waste my time
    So that's what I wanted to say, all is up to you!
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    OK, so u didn't read all my posts above. I'm here because I want to stop watching porn. I'm 45, married, I'm with my wife for 25 years.She is very attractive. She was my 1st and only woman, but we are open minded, and we recently ended a relationship with another couple that lasted 4 years, so I have been with two women.
    Although I'm married, I don't wish to depend on my wife to O. I crave it much more than her (although she's VERY responsive, and once into it she can go for hours). So I'm not here to stop MO, only to stop watching porn.Why? Because it comes on the expence of other things I need to do, and because it ruins sex for me. MO doesn't. it's all here.
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    I am abstaining from all forms of PMO. I don't really care whether its 'healthy' or 'unhealthy'.
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    Agree with you totally. I personally question if there is such a thing as healthy PMO. Keep it up, bro

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